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USL president explains hosting process

Received an email from United Soccer Leagues president Tim Holt today. He wanted to clarify the hosting process for the conference playoffs. It turns out the league doesn’t pick one bid over another. It’s a decision made based on seeding.

Holt: Ventura County Fusion exercises their first right to host as the overall #1 seeded team in the conference based on total points.  We did not “reject” the Kitsap host proposal because the #1 seed exercised its right to host by meeting the hosting specifications for this round.

That means that Kitsap, as the third-place team from the Northwest Division, would have needed several teams to pass on bidding in order to land the conference playoffs.

Makes sense….

Ventura County, not Kitsap, to host conference playoffs

The Kitsap Pumas’ bid to host this year’s Western Conference playoffs has been turned down.

Just found out that the league approved Ventura County’s bid to host the tournament at Ventura College next weekend. That’s where the Pumas are headed if they beat Portland on Sunday in the Northwest Division playoff round.

Kitsap owner Robin Waite, whose team hosted the conference playoffs in 2010 and the league semifinals/finals last season, also cleared up some confusion regarding the postseason. It turns out the Northwest Division is the only PDL division using a 1 vs. 4 and 2 vs. 3 format, which was voted on by owners and approved by the league in the offseason.

In most other divisions, the top two teams in the regular season moved onto the conference playoffs. Waite did believe there was one or two other divisions using some sort of play-in format.

Taylor Hyde on paying your dues

After Thursday’s training session, I had the chance to catch up with Kitsap defender Taylor Hyde, who has returned to the lineup recently after missing most of the season while recovering from two hip surgeries.

Hyde is one of four players (Matt Friesen, Steve Mohn, Dustyn Brim) who’ve spent the past four seasons in Kitsap. We talked about a number of things, including what it’s like trying to carve out an existence as a low-level pro soccer player.

“We sacrifice a lot to be here because we love the game,” Hyde said.

Other 20-somethings Hyde’s age already have their careers in motion and are pulling in nice salaries. He’s still barely making enough to make it through the summer.

“I would love to be able to go shop at Whole Foods instead of going to the Grocery Outlet,” he said. “I would love to go buy a new pair of shoes, man. But I can’t. If I buy a new pair of shoes, it’s got to be a pair of soccer shoes because that’s what I need. I’d be nice to have a little comfort. But at the same time, we are in the paying-your-dues-stage of our careers.”