Pumas/Fraser Valley: Kitsap wins 6-0

So much for the Pumas being in trouble after losing their season opener in Vancouver. They looked supremely in control during a 6-0 shutout of Fraser Valley. Kyle Johnson had two goals, while Chris Bettencourt, Greg Miley, Ben Truax and Justin Robbins had one apiece.

Thought the team really did a fine job of keeping its shape up and down the field. Really liked how Danny Medina got up the field from his left back position. Midfielders Kyle Johnson, who was at left back last game, and Greg Miley consistently put Fraser Valley under pressure out wide. Ben Truax is looking like the second coming of Bryan Burke, while Chris Bettencourt did well to stick with it after misfiring on some offensive chances. John Becerra will have a story in the paper Sunday, while I’ll have an Open Cup advance for Tuesday.

Just some other thoughts about the game: Medina, love the clean-shaven head. Makes him look….dangerous. Played very confident out there…. Not sure what hairstyle Dustyn Brim is sporting — maybe his wife can explain? — but nice effort to fill the team water bottles at halftime. That’s blue collar right there. … Somebody always seems to find a way to take a hack at Steve Mohn’s bad left ankle. … Zac Lubin with a fingertip save to keep the shutou intactt. … Justin Robbins (Mr. Pink Mohawk) wins the award for first defender to score a goal this season.


One thought on “Pumas/Fraser Valley: Kitsap wins 6-0

  1. Justin Robbins will always be “Big Pink” to me now. Loved all his headers, and the way he picked up speed. Greg Miley was incredibly fast and wily, and for that and his goal we Hellcats chose him for our Man of the Match.

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