Bird’s Blog: Goalie-itis

Hello. My name is Liviu, and I’m a goalkeeper.

There’s nothing I can do about it now. I’ve been in this position for too long.

It all started when I was 10, and my coach asked for volunteers for somebody to throw themselves in front of the ball instead of jumping out of the way like most kids. They gave me a pair of gloves and told me to do my best.

Then they left me alone to defend an eight-yard-by-eight-foot white box.

I never quite went off the deep end, like Canadian Tino Lettieri when he started keeping a stuffed parrot in his goal and talking to it during games. I’m not sure how much Ozzie helped Tino stop shots, but you couldn’t get him away from his parrot for anything.

Superstitions have never really been my thing. I don’t believe that I have to do everything a certain way or I’ll lose. It just becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But I am prone to suffering my own bouts of goalie-itis. This condition causes bouts of erratic behavior, odd personality ticks and teammates’ avoidance.

Hockey goalie Bobby Goepfert personifies it best. Check out his Twitter timeline for some gems from the last couple days.

Soccer goalkeepers are especially prone to the symptom of craziness. Check out Jeremie Janot.

Immensely talented, immensely crazy. In some cases, there is a direct correlation between how nuts a goalkeeper is and how successful he is.

Or not. How should I know?

I have goalie-itis. And there is no cure.

2 thoughts on “Bird’s Blog: Goalie-itis

  1. And my son wants to be part of that breed! One more reason I’m extremely blessed that he’s had the training and coaches that he has. And to add to what Dustyn said, I think that keepers have to be one of the most intelligent players on the team!

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