Pumas beat Peninsula, lose old kits

Pumas beat Peninsula CC 7-1 on Saturday in their third preseason game. No big surprise there. Matt Friesen and Ben Truax handled the scoring load, while goalkeepers Zac Lubin and Dustyn Brim split halves again. A nice, sunny day all around.

Saturday was also the first time many fans saw the Pumas’ new jerseys. I must say, I liked the look/design of the old ones better.

These ones by Admiral — how do I put this — look a little cheap (my wife had the same thought). No prime sponsor on the front (Windermere had been displayed across the chest on shirts the last three two seasons, but its primary sponsorship deal with the team ended in 2011. No player names on the back is also new, but I guess it makes it easier for the jerseys to be used in future seasons. Also, is it me, or is the blue a slightly different shade too? And some of the numbers on the back (black?) look sorta weird.

I hear the road jerseys are similar to the home ones, but are yellow. Yellow?

This is going to take some getting used to. But I guess change is the theme for the 2012 season. The Pumas have a new coach, new kits, a bevy a new players, and a new goal — defending a PDL title.

Taylor Hyde did comment about these jerseys being a lot more comfortable than the old ones, which were more restrictive. Comfort, that’s the most important thing….right?

What do you guys think?

7 thoughts on “Pumas beat Peninsula, lose old kits

  1. Didn’t the Windermere sponsorship come on in the second season? First season kits were plain on front with the exception of a ‘puma’ and the kitsap pumas emblem. I prefer these to when they had Windemere on the front.

    1. I think you’re right Rebecca. Good call. The old kits were also designed by Puma. I personally liked those compared to these Admiral ones. But the players say these are more comfortable. Plus, it comes down to the guys IN the jerseys!

  2. The one Pumas’ kits will take a while to get use to seeing after the Puma brand hoops. But admiral brand are still better than rave green with silver duct tape bra straps 😉

  3. the pink tops for the May 12th home opener are cool. I had so many people asking about buying one during the Youth Expo this past weekend.

  4. Stopped by the Pumas office today Wednesday and saw the yellow away jerseys. Dustyn is right! They are awesome! A bright yellow and so much better than the new home blues.

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