Trivia Question: First goal-scorer in club history?

Here’s a trivia question: Who scored the first goal in Kitsap Pumas history? For bonus points, who assisted on the goal? (Try to do this without using Google!)

Throw out answers here or on the Facebook site and I’ll check back later to see who’s smart….

3 thoughts on “Trivia Question: First goal-scorer in club history?

  1. I know half of this! Tony Kerr in the 2009 season-opener in Spokane. I don’t know who got the assist, but I’ll guess Stephen Phillips, since he is my all-time favorite Puma.

    I am truly sorry I didn’t get to this game, as I understand it was at a converted greyhound racetrack.

    And I guess now I will google this and see if I guessed correctly!

  2. This is regular season. And aeneas gets the gold medal:) Tony Kerr scored off an assist from Stephen Phillips in a 4-0 victory over Spokane.

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