Meeting for Pumas Supporter Groups

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There will be a Pumas Supporter Groups Preseason Planning Meeting on Saturday, 31 March at 1:00 PM at the Clubhouse Bar and Grill at 332 National Ave in West Bremerton. The previous 3 seasons, Pumas supporter groups led by the Hellcats: Kitsap Noise for Pumas Boys and Kitsap Pumas Elite have held various functions to support our team including “Man of the Match” goody bags, players’ feed picnic and an end-of-the season picnic. We would like to step it up a notch this season and would like your input on increasing match-day atmosphere and other activities for the players and in assisting team management in promoting our team. The Clubhouse is a grill so there is an all-ages area, so everyone is welcomed.

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