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CK Schools Levy Renewal – A Sound Investment

Central-Kitsap-School-District-Support-LevyThere’s been a lot of somewhat heated, yet healthy discussion/debate regarding the upcoming local school support levies being voted upon by February 9th.

You can follow one of the ‘lively’ conversations HERE.

A rather interesting and timely article appeared in today’s Kitsap Sun:

Judge Rules State not Fulfilling Duty to Fund Education

KS Staff Blogger Marietta Nelson offers an ensuing commentary that poses the probing question: “What’s Missing?

I can’t speak personally for the other districts within Kitsap County, but I can vouch for the Central Kitsap School District both as a resident and a parent of four CKSD students.

One of the benefits of living here in Central Kitsap is the sense of family and community that we all share. For those of us whose children have attended CK schools we have experienced firsthand the value and quality of education provided by the educators and staff of Central Kitsap School District.

I’ve never seen teachers and administrators who take such an active role in the lives of our kids. Superintendent Greg Lynch and the School Board Members (especially Chris Stokke) can be seen at nearly every school function or activity (even taking time out to personally read books in class to elementary students). Such occasions have afforded me countless opportunities of becoming better acquainted with our school leaders/administrators.

We are most fortunate here in Central Kitsap to have such highly qualified administrators/staff, and dedicated board members, all who possess high ethical standards and personal integrity.

A vote of “YES’ to renew the upcoming CK school support levy is not only a vote for our kids, but it’s also a vote of trust and confidence in our teachers and district leadership, to empower them all to continue their proven track record of educational excellence!

More Kudos for Central Kitsap Schools

central-kitsap-school-district-creatively-controls-costsWith the vote on the Central Kitsap School Support Replacement Levy coming soon, it’s nice to report instances where our local school board and district employees are working hard to manage/curtail the financial challenges associated with operating our public schools.

The efforts of Central Kitsap School District to save money and maximize energy efficiency are paying off—literally. During its meeting on January 13th, the School Board accepted a check from Puget Sound Energy (PSE) in the amount of $76,091.

(To read the full text of the press release, please click here.)

In addition, due to the hard work of our Facilities Department, CKSD employees have joined in the campaign to reduce energy consumption—with amazing results! Thanks to their efforts, the District has saved (in the form of cost avoidances) over $1 million in energy costs and has received or been approved for PSE grants and rebates totaling more than $884,474 since implementing an energy conservation program in October 2001.

Kudos to Superintendent Greg Lynch, the School Board, and all CKSD employees for your part to reduce energy consumption and better control spending!