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CKSD Needs Finance Committee Volunteer

If you follow my blog here on the Kitsap Sun, you know I’ve written several articles and commented on many others regarding the recent School Levy renewal in Central Kitsap and the difficult challenges facing our local school district administrators and education professionals.

Some of the other comments I’ve encountered were less than constructive and simply vented misplaced criticism.

Well, here is your opportunity to actively participate in the process and make a positive contribution!

The Central Kitsap School District is currently seeking a volunteer to serve as a community member on its Community Finance Committee.

This committee, appointed by the Board of Directors, is a vital link between the district and the community at large. Studying the financial affairs of the district and advising the school board is one of the best ways to learn firsthand about the challenges facing our school administrators and having a positive impact on the priorities of the school district.

“As we look ahead, our challenge is to focus our resources in the right places,” said David McVicker, executive director of business and operations. “The willingness of valued volunteers to participate and provide feedback is appreciated as we shape the future of our schools and advance our mission of All Students Learning Well.”

For anyone interested in this volunteer position, please contact the CKSD Business Office at (360) 662-1650 for application materials, which includes a copy of Board Policy 1240 that details a full understanding of the guiding principles, responsibilities, and operating procedures of the committee.

The first meeting of the 2010-11 Community Finance Committee will be held in September.