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My Vote of Confidence in Superintendent Greg Lynch

I am deeply saddened and disturbed at the recent actions of the CKEA (Central Kitsap Education Association) in their seemingly clandestine vote of no confidence for CK Superintendent Greg Lynch, and a similar stamp of disapproval against Special Education Director Bill Mosiman.

Here is a link to the article:  Part of CK Teacher’s Union votes no confidence in Superintendent and Special Ed Director

There are a great many things we DON’T know in regards to this story. We don’t know the specific issues, concerns, or criticisms that the CKEA leadership/members have against Mr. Lynch or Mr. Mosiman. We don’t know if the CKEA leadership/members have made any previous genuine efforts to engage either gentlemen in meaningful dialog in an attempt to resolve or work through such issues/concerns.

All we do know is that some element within the CKEA is clearly upset and dissatisfied with both individuals, and wants to make their displeasure known to the rest of us.

Now for what I DO know.

My family and I have lived here in Central Kitsap for over 10 years. All four of our kids have gone through the CK school system.  One of my sons recently graduated summa cum laude from a local university, another is graduating with academic honors from Olympic College. Overall, we have had some really great experiences with teachers and staff within the CK district, and have been very pleased with the level of education our kids have received.

Mr. Lynch began his employment as Superintendent shortly after we moved here. We were immediately impressed with how genuinely caring and personable he was. Over the years, we have observed his consistent involvement in our kid’s classrooms, talking with their teachers, and personally attending nearly every major school event.

During our past two successful levies, I had the distinct pleasure of serving on the CK Kids Matter Group. During my involvement there, I became even more intimately acquainted with Mr. Lynch, and share the following observations:

Greg Lynch is a man of great integrity. He possesses a very strong and tireless work ethic. He genuinely cares about the people of our community, but particularly, the students, teachers, and staff of CKSD. He’s not a flashy limelight kind of guy, but prefers to work behind the scenes. He obviously must have an incredibly loving and supportive wife and family that allows and encourages him to invest so much time with the district, and away from them.

There may very well be some legitimate, heartfelt concerns or issues by some who are dissatisfied with the current administration of CKSD, and since Greg Lynch is the key figurehead, the buck naturally stops with him. I think Mr. Lynch understands all too well the criticisms that typically accompany such a title/position. Being a school superintendent is one of those thankless jobs where you can never seem to please everyone, no matter how hard you may try.

I wonder about the value and validity of unions these days. They seem to breed a spirit of adversity where one doesn’t need to exist. I truly hope that the CKEA can work out their differences with Mr. Lynch and Mr. Mosiman in a manner that is both fair and civil. Regardless of these recent events, we are all still very fortunate to have such an amazingly talented and committed staff of educators in our district.

I would like to publicly go on record as casting my vote of YES confidence for Greg Lynch as CK Superintendent.  Thanks, Mr. Lynch. Keep up the great work!

Update on CK Schools Supplemental Levy Voting Results

Although the final updated results won’t be available until February 27th, the latest election results indicate that the CK Schools Supplemental Levy will pass by a narrow margin.

You can find the actual results posted HERE.

Even if successfully passed, this supplemental levy will only reduce the current SY 12-13 budget shortfall by $2 million. We will still be facing a very significant financial challenge for the next several years at least.

I realize that it’s a bit premature, but a HUGE “Thank You!” to all the area residents who voted in support of our valued Central Kitsap School District and ultimately the continued educational well-being of our children!

Four CKSD Students Named Washington Scholars

The Washington Higher Education Coordinating Board has named four Central Kitsap School District students as Washington Scholars for 2011, including one alternate:

  • Christopher Campbell — Olympic High School (Legislative District #23)
  • Vincent Dour — Central Kitsap High School (Legislative District #35)
  • Kristin Duprie — Olympic High School (Legislative District #23, Alternate)
  • Lindsey Holdren — Central Kitsap High School (Legislative District #23)
  • The Washington Scholars program recognizes the accomplishments of high school seniors from each of the state’s 49 legislative districts. The program is administered by the Higher Education Coordinating Board in cooperation with the Washington Association of Secondary School Principals.

    High school principals nominate the top one percent of their graduating senior classes on the basis of academic achievement, leadership and community service. A selection committee, comprising representatives from public and private high schools, state educational agencies, and public and private four-year colleges and universities, then winnows the list. The three highest-scoring candidates in each legislative district are named Washington Scholars. The fourth-ranked candidate is designated the Washington Scholar Alternate.

    For nearly 20 years, the Washington Scholar with the highest final score in each legislative district has received a monetary scholarship for up to four years of tuition and fees at any public or independent college or university in Washington. However, this year’s scholarships will likely not be funded in the 2011-13 state biennial budget due to the severe economic conditions affecting all state expenditures.

    (Authors Note: Congratulations to these students for all of their hard work and commitment to educational excellence. It’s highly unfortunate that current State budget shortfalls may preclude them from receiving any monetary reward for their efforts, especially if the possibility of those funds were promoted as being available at the start of the academic year. Nonetheless, kudos to these amazing students for achieving Washington Scholar status)

    State Budget May Force CKSD to Get Blood from a Turnip

    Prior to the vote on the recent CK Support School Levy, there was quite a stir of rather heated debate occurring here on the Kitsap Sun website regarding the respective merits of voting yea or nay.WA-State-Legislators-Need-to-Cut-Other-Expenses-than-Education

    Many of those commenting faulted WA State officials for not properly funding local public education. Still others placed the blame on district superintendents, staff, and school boards for not exercising prudent fiscal responsibility.

    Well, if you weren’t aware, both the Senate and the House released their budget proposals last Tuesday, and next week, will negotiate a finalized budget. The negative impact that the extreme reductions proposed in this budget draft could have at the local level would be catastrophic.

    Just in case you want to see what impact the proposed budget would have, please click here to view the School Funding Facts II, or click here to view the supporting documentation.

    As our state legislators hash out the last minute details of the budget, the good folks down at Central Kitsap School District are continuing their efforts in developing CKSD budget options for school year 2010-11. Their proactive and fiscally conservative approach over the last several years has allowed them to anticipate and avoid the drastic large-scale layoffs faced last spring by other districts throughout the state and to keep cuts from impacting the classroom.

    However, ultimately, the solvency of CKSD’s financial future rests with our elected legislators and the governor.  Our district financial personnel have already made all the reductions they can without taking any severe measures. Unfortunately, our district has little additional financial resources available to effectively absorb the multi-million dollar reductions contained in the current budget proposals.

    AOlympia-Show-Us-The-Moneynyone who is familiar with our Superintendent, Greg Lynch, Executive Director David McVicker, and the hard working members of our school board, knows how seriously they all take their responsibilities and stewardship of district finances. These are all people who genuinely care about the quality of education our kids receive, and seek to equip our teachers and school staff with all the resources necessary to maintain that result.

    I am extremely grateful to the voters of Central Kitsap who approved the recent levy renewal. The current economic times are tough on all of us and it’s not easy to commit even more of our hard earned dollars to a cause that is supposed to be fully funded by State government.

    Let’s hope that the folks in Olympia find some other way to cover the budget shortfalls than to further impede our school district’s ability to ensure educational excellence.

    CK Schools Levy Renewal – A Sound Investment

    Central-Kitsap-School-District-Support-LevyThere’s been a lot of somewhat heated, yet healthy discussion/debate regarding the upcoming local school support levies being voted upon by February 9th.

    You can follow one of the ‘lively’ conversations HERE.

    A rather interesting and timely article appeared in today’s Kitsap Sun:

    Judge Rules State not Fulfilling Duty to Fund Education

    KS Staff Blogger Marietta Nelson offers an ensuing commentary that poses the probing question: “What’s Missing?

    I can’t speak personally for the other districts within Kitsap County, but I can vouch for the Central Kitsap School District both as a resident and a parent of four CKSD students.

    One of the benefits of living here in Central Kitsap is the sense of family and community that we all share. For those of us whose children have attended CK schools we have experienced firsthand the value and quality of education provided by the educators and staff of Central Kitsap School District.

    I’ve never seen teachers and administrators who take such an active role in the lives of our kids. Superintendent Greg Lynch and the School Board Members (especially Chris Stokke) can be seen at nearly every school function or activity (even taking time out to personally read books in class to elementary students). Such occasions have afforded me countless opportunities of becoming better acquainted with our school leaders/administrators.

    We are most fortunate here in Central Kitsap to have such highly qualified administrators/staff, and dedicated board members, all who possess high ethical standards and personal integrity.

    A vote of “YES’ to renew the upcoming CK school support levy is not only a vote for our kids, but it’s also a vote of trust and confidence in our teachers and district leadership, to empower them all to continue their proven track record of educational excellence!

    12 CK Teachers Achieve National Board Certification

    CKSD Educators Achieve National Board Certification


    Pictured (left to right): Board President Chris Stokke, Dan Kontos (OHS), Scott Borgmann (CKJH), Cynthia Larson-Faragalli (WO), Janet Hegtvedt (BR), Andrea Tabert (SI), Penny Timm (CV), Janice Jacobson (BR), Lisa Pitcher (CV), David Pitcher (KSS), Superintendent Greg Lynch

    Not pictured: Heidi Erickson (BR), Mindy Halstead (BR), Robbin Scheer (CO)

    Twelve  educators were honored by the Central Kitsap School Board during their meeting last Wednesday night for attaining National Board Certification. This is the highest number yet for our District!

    Honorees, family members and friends came to celebrate  at a reception prior to individual recognition at the School Board meeting where each teacher received a personalized frame to display their certificates.  In addition, CKSD Superintendent Greg Lynch presented the School Board President, Chris Stokke, with a “perpetual plaque” listing the names of all CKSD National Board Certified teachers. The plaque will be displayed permanently in the Jenne-Wright Administration Center, and new names will be added each year.

    In his address to the assembly, Superintendent Lynch shared the following:

    “It takes a tremendous amount of hard work and determination to earn National Board Certification. We currently have 29 National Board Certified teachers; 8 teachers earned their Certification last year and twelve teachers this year, over a 30% increase!  I am exceptionally proud of their success and dedication to excellence.  It also is a testament to our District’s commitment to advancing student learning and to the importance of powerful teaching and learning.”

    This year, 1,248 Washington teachers were certified, placing the state second nationally in new National Board Certified teachers. Washington’s 3,974 total National Board Certified teachers place the state fifth in the nation.

    Congratulations to all the honorees for all of your dedication and hard work in completing such a distinctive level of  achievement!

    To learn more, Click here.

    Remember to vote ‘YES!‘ in Support of the Upcoming School Replacement Levy!