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My Vote of Confidence in Superintendent Greg Lynch

I am deeply saddened and disturbed at the recent actions of the CKEA (Central Kitsap Education Association) in their seemingly clandestine vote of no confidence for CK Superintendent Greg Lynch, and a similar stamp of disapproval against Special Education Director Bill Mosiman.

Here is a link to the article:  Part of CK Teacher’s Union votes no confidence in Superintendent and Special Ed Director

There are a great many things we DON’T know in regards to this story. We don’t know the specific issues, concerns, or criticisms that the CKEA leadership/members have against Mr. Lynch or Mr. Mosiman. We don’t know if the CKEA leadership/members have made any previous genuine efforts to engage either gentlemen in meaningful dialog in an attempt to resolve or work through such issues/concerns.

All we do know is that some element within the CKEA is clearly upset and dissatisfied with both individuals, and wants to make their displeasure known to the rest of us.

Now for what I DO know.

My family and I have lived here in Central Kitsap for over 10 years. All four of our kids have gone through the CK school system.  One of my sons recently graduated summa cum laude from a local university, another is graduating with academic honors from Olympic College. Overall, we have had some really great experiences with teachers and staff within the CK district, and have been very pleased with the level of education our kids have received.

Mr. Lynch began his employment as Superintendent shortly after we moved here. We were immediately impressed with how genuinely caring and personable he was. Over the years, we have observed his consistent involvement in our kid’s classrooms, talking with their teachers, and personally attending nearly every major school event.

During our past two successful levies, I had the distinct pleasure of serving on the CK Kids Matter Group. During my involvement there, I became even more intimately acquainted with Mr. Lynch, and share the following observations:

Greg Lynch is a man of great integrity. He possesses a very strong and tireless work ethic. He genuinely cares about the people of our community, but particularly, the students, teachers, and staff of CKSD. He’s not a flashy limelight kind of guy, but prefers to work behind the scenes. He obviously must have an incredibly loving and supportive wife and family that allows and encourages him to invest so much time with the district, and away from them.

There may very well be some legitimate, heartfelt concerns or issues by some who are dissatisfied with the current administration of CKSD, and since Greg Lynch is the key figurehead, the buck naturally stops with him. I think Mr. Lynch understands all too well the criticisms that typically accompany such a title/position. Being a school superintendent is one of those thankless jobs where you can never seem to please everyone, no matter how hard you may try.

I wonder about the value and validity of unions these days. They seem to breed a spirit of adversity where one doesn’t need to exist. I truly hope that the CKEA can work out their differences with Mr. Lynch and Mr. Mosiman in a manner that is both fair and civil. Regardless of these recent events, we are all still very fortunate to have such an amazingly talented and committed staff of educators in our district.

I would like to publicly go on record as casting my vote of YES confidence for Greg Lynch as CK Superintendent.  Thanks, Mr. Lynch. Keep up the great work!