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Brownsville Elementary Celebrates ‘The History of Jazz’

Last night, the 5th grade students of Brownsville Elementary School performed a musical historical timeline on the History of Jazz at Brownsville Elementary School, located at 8795 Illahee Road, just south of the Brownsville Marina.

I had the pleasure of previewing a sneak-peek live rehearsal of the approx. 30-minute performance the day before, and I have to say there are some incredibly gifted singers and dancers at Brownsville Elementary. My son, Elliot, (a 2009 graduate of CK High who came along for the ride), commented that some of the singers were definitely ‘American Idol’ material!

Music Teacher, Shirley Jenkins, has done an outstanding job in helping these students learn, understand, and appreciate the rich history of Jazz music, not the easiest task for 5th graders. One of the selections the kids sang, ‘Birdland,’ is a favorite of mine. It’s an exceptionally difficult piece to perform and the kids pulled it off with flying colors.

Monies from the recently approved CK School Levy renewal help to fund valuable programs like this, so it was a very timely reminder to express my personal ‘Thanks!’ once again to all of our area residents who voted in favor of the levy.