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Solve Budget Woes? Install More Red Light Cameras!


Earlier today, as I opened my mail, I was hit by an epiphany.

Washington State legislators are currently facing some extremely significant challenges in getting Olympia out of massive debt. In their brilliance, they’ve determined that education, teaching professionals, and our kids are an unnecessary budgetary luxury. As such, they’ve recently decided to fly in the face of overwhelming public support, and suspend two voter-approved initiatives (I-728 and I-732).

Obviously, our trusty elected representatives really need our help in identifying other, more viable revenue streams to put us back in the black!….

As I tore open the envelope from our ever-vigilant Bremerton Police Department, my heart skipped a beat. Here was the answer to all of our budgetary short-fall woes!…

The City of Bremerton Washington Red Light Photo Enforcement Program

What a stroke of genius! Just imagine all the State programs we could fund with the simple click of a camera? We could take random pictures of people’s license plates all day long. At $124 per infraction, our lawmakers wouldn’t need to make these tough decisions. They wouldn’t have to suspend anything!

However, I might like to make just a couple suggestions:

1.  The return address for the Bremerton Police Department shouldn’t be a P. O. box in Phoenix, Arizona. Last time I checked, the Bremerton Police Department was located in Bremerton, Washington.

2.  Also, it seems a bit shady for me to be mailing my hard-earned $124 to a P.O. box in Cleveland, Ohio. Shouldn’t our government revenue dollars stay local?

3.  Make sure you only install the cameras in areas where people don’t normally live, work, or play.

Just sayin’….