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Should Silverdale WA become Incorporated?


Well, once again, an effort is underway to stir up support to incorporate Silverdale WA, this time led by a political action group called the ‘Citizens United for Silverdale.’

Silverdale Incorporation efforts become official

This is the fourth such attempt to wrestle Silverdale from the controlling clutches of Kitsap County.

As I’ve discussed this issue with other area residents, most people are not opposed to the idea, but simply want to know the pros & cons of incorporation:

What benefits would we realize as a result of incorporation? What effects would it have on the local economy and businesses? How much would our taxes increase?

Perhaps one of the best things this political action committee ‘Citizens United for Silverdale‘ could do is put up a website detailing as much information as possible on the benefits incorporation normally brings to a community like Silverdale WA. Even creating a Facebook Page would be a great step towards engaging members of our community and sharing helpful information about incorporation.

What are Your thoughts? Should Silverdale be incorporated? Why or why not?

Silverdale Chamber Director Michael Broome is Gone

In an e-mail statement made earlier today by Board of Directors President, Chris Koebelin, Silverdale Chamber Executive Director, Michael Broome, is no longer at the helm of the Chamber:

From the Board of Directors

“Thank you to all of our members for your continued support of the growth and positive change in the Silverdale Chamber of Commerce.  The Board of Directors is continuing to look for ways to improve our organization and continue the momentum we have enjoyed over the past year.  We have recently parted ways with our Executive Director Michael Broome.  Mr. Broome was an important part of our positive changes over the past 9 months and we wish him well in his future endeavors.  The direction that the Silverdale Chamber will head is one that is consistent with what we have been doing”….

Lynsi Burton, a staff writer with the Central Kitsap Reporter, submitted the following story on September 8th:

“After nine months on the job, Michael Broome, executive director of the Silverdale Chamber of Commerce, is no longer with the chamber.

An office administrator at the chamber confirmed Broome’s departure Wednesday afternoon. When Broome was contacted, he declined to comment on the nature of his exit and said the Board of Directors is still discussing details on the decision.

Chris Koebelin, president of the chamber’s Board of Directors, has not returned requests for comment.”

As an active member of the Silverdale Chamber, I’m anxious to know why Mr. Broome would leave at a time when so much positive momentum was taking place? His enthusiasm, humor, creative energy will be sorely missed!

CKSD Educator Robin Campbell Honored

This past week’s Silverdale Chamber of Commerce President’s Luncheon was yet another huge success. Even amidst the current economic challenges, local area businesses are finding great value in joining the Chamber and attending its various functions.

Perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of the Chamber’s activities is recognizing and honored local educators within the Central Kitsap School District and bestowing their ‘Excellence in Education’ awards. Such was the case this past Wednesday.

Longtime Central Kitsap School District Educator, Robin Campbell, was the honored recipient this month.

With over 30 years of service to CKSD, Robin Campbell has functioned in a number of capacities, including: elementary teacher, learning specialist, district testing coordinator, high school math teacher, online teacher, athletic director and baseball coach.

Currently, Robin serves as coordinator of the Eastside Alternative High School Program, where he demonstrates tremendous energy and innovation in the classroom, infusing his students with tremendous motivation and instilling in them a desire for the joys of learning.

“Robin aids without reprimand, corrects without disparagement, and teaches by example,” said Richard Arena, alternative programs principal. “He is excellent in accessing student needs and implementing effective approaches to lessons. In fact, I have often suggested that teachers new to the profession, as well as tenured faculty members, observe his ability to connect students to learning. Overall, Robin is a leader, an inspiring teacher, a motivating colleague, and an extraordinary asset to our district.”

Robin received a heartfelt standing ovation by the Chamber members in attendance.

Central Kitsap School District is proud of its long-standing reputation for extraordinary staff and is pleased to congratulate Robin Campbell for this much-deserved award.

Party@thePier HUGE fun for Area Students

A time honored tradition here in Silverdale WA has been the unofficial party that takes place at the Silverdale Waterfront Park each June when schools let out for summer. Local law enforcement and Kitsap County Park officials have historically expressed concerns over the safety of students who participate in this unsupervised event.

Enter Kevin Pentz.

Kevin is on staff with the local youth ministry of newlife church and helps lead/coordinate 50 youth leaders and over 300 students.

Kevin conceived a vision where this unofficial year-end party could evolve into a much larger, safer, and more enjoyable celebration for area students.

Party@thePier was born!

Over 1,000 area students filled the Silverdale Waterfront Park last Wednesday, consuming nearly as many free hot dogs, while competing in 3-on-3 basketball and xBox tournaments, watching skateboard and break dancing exhibitions, and listening to free concerts by area bands, including popular Seattle-based ‘The Classic Crime.’

The day began at 7:30am when dozens of newlife volunteers arrived to setup the stage, tents, and concession areas. By Noon, a steady stream of kids began to show up. Another dozen or so additional volunteers served as security patrol, helping to supplement two Kitsap County sheriffs who were contracted for the event.

The Party@thePier lasted until just after 8pm and went exceptionally smooth, thanks to all the hard working volunteers and event staff. A special word of thanks to Kevin Pentz, Donovan Pinegar, Eric Trudeau, Ben Jacobson, Gordon Sound, and Kitsap County Parks Supervisor Dori Leckner for helping to make this such a successful event.

Look for an even bigger and better Party@thePier event in 2011!

Should Silverdale be Incorporated? Pros & Cons

In today’s Kitsap Sun, reporter Brynn Grimley dredged up the longstanding debate over the potential incorporation of Silverdale

(see “Silverdale Incorporation Talks Resume“)

I curious, what are the genuine, intellight ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ to the incorporation of Silverdale?

I realize that incorporation naturally brings with it the added tax burdens associated with city government, administration, and related services. Given our current economic conditions, the idea of any additional taxes is going to be a really tough sell.

Aside from that, what other negatives are there?

What are the positives?

What is the County currently providing or not providing that incorporation would do better for the residents of Silverdale?

What’s Missing in Silverdale’s Retail Offering?

Ever since the Kitsap Mall was opened, Silverdale has grown to become the ‘retail mecca’ of the Kitsap Peninsula. Even with recent retail expansions in Poulsbo, Port Orchard, and Gig Harbor, people still flock from miles around to shop at the Kitsap Mall and surrounding retail big box stores and eat at nearby chain restaurants.

It was recently announced that Hale’s Ale House would be opening a new restaurant inside the Kitsap Mall on July 4th weekend. The rumor mill has it that world-renowned salon chain, Gene Juarez, will possibly find a new location within the Kitsap Mall in the near future.

With all the chains and big box stores out there, what is Silverdale still lacking? If you had your choice of any retail store or restaurants, what would you like to see come to Silverdale?

Brackets, Barack, and Bruce

Well, it was a week for a couple of major upsetting defeats…

My beloved No. 1 seed Kansas Jayhawks were sent packing after falling in their second game of the NCAA Tournament to 9th seeded Northern Iowa.

And, after some serious arm-twisting and back room pay-offs, President Obama’s National Healthcare Bill was passed and signed into law.

Well, at least for the Jayhawks, there’s always next year!

On a more positive note, I had the pleasure of attending the Silverdale Chamber of Commerce President’s Luncheon this past Wednesday. As the Vice-President of CSTOCK’s Board of Directors, I’ve recently started attending our Chamber events to network with local businesses.

I have to say that newly hired Executive Director Michael Broome is doing an outstanding job of generating positive buzz and organizing meaningful Chamber events. The future of Silverdale’s Chamber is looking very bright!

During the luncheon, the Chamber bestowed an “Excellence in Education” award to one of our local educators within the Central Kitsap School District – well-known and well-loved teacher, Bruce Larson.

For 36 years, Bruce has been a teacher and basketball coach at Central Kitsap Junior High. He had been commended the night before by the CKSD Board of Directors for his devotion to his students’ academic and athletic success.

Throughout his teaching and coaching career, Bruce Larson has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to academic success in the classroom as well as good sportsmanship on the court. His fellow teachers describe him as a positive role model who connects with his students through humor. He understands that lessons taught in the classroom and in competition are tools for future success and works closely with parents to motivate and monitor students progress.

I can personally vouch for Coach Larson’s abilities and valued service to our students. As a Father of 3 boys who passed through the hallowed halls of CK Junior High, I observed first-hand the respect and rapport he engendered with students.  He also coached my son, Elliot, in basketball during 8th grade.

Central Kitsap Schools and our community-at-large is fortunate to have so many gifted educators like Bruce Larson who provide such valued role models and equip our students to excel.

King County Court decision devastates Local Family

justice-denied-for-local-central-kitsap-familyOn the morning of March 13, 2005, local CK resident Heather Lee Meadows, daughter of Greg and Leah Meadows, was driving to work with a friend on I-5 just south of Seattle, when a speeding drunk driver entered the freeway using the off ramp, going the wrong way against traffic, and hit her head on. She was killed almost instantly, while her passenger suffered internal injuries, a fractured skull and jaw, as well as long lasting emotional trauma.

The drunk driver, Ngere Tambwe Omari, had a long list of prior run-ins with the law. An immigrant from Rwanda, he had entered the U.S. illegally, but was granted amnesty by our government due to the civil war in his country of origin at that time. Just a month earlier, he had been convicted of a DUI, was placed on probation, and had his licensed suspended. At the time of the accident, in addition to a suspended license, he had no insurance, and the car he was driving belonged to someone else.

As a result, Omari was convicted of Vehicular Homicide, Vehicular Assault, and 2nd degree driving on Suspended License. He was sentenced to prison for 72 months and a release date of April 27, 2010.

During his incarceration, he received extensive medical treatment to repair his crushed femur that he sustained in the crash. His physical therapy, surgery, medications, multiple mental health visits to Western State, and the expense of his translator, attorneys, etc., has cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. He has yet to fulfill any of his court ordered responsibility of paying restitution to any of his claimants.

In addition to his jail sentence, there had been an immigration hold placed on him during his incarceration. Upon release, he was to be remanded to the immigration authorities to begin the deportation process.

Unbeknownst to the Meadows family, a decision was handed down in the fall of 2009 by the King County courthouse that lifted the immigration hold. When Omari is released from prison this coming April, he will be allowed once again to roam this country freely.

Which of our daughters or sons, Mothers or Fathers will be Omari’s next victim?