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North Kitsap School Closures – Hug a Committee Member

Back in April of last year, the North Kitsap School Board voted to close a school (or other facility) for the 2013-14 school year due to reduced state funding and declining enrollment. They then appointed a School Closure Committee to perform an in-depth study and provide a recommendation to the Board as to which school or facility should be closed (a final decision to be made in February 2013).

You can find a timeline of School Closure Committee’s efforts to date HERE.

For a list of the members of the School Closure Committee, go HERE.

As is typical in such undertakings, there has been a HUGE ground swell of emotions and criticisms associated with this process. It’s impossible to please everyone. People have significant personal attachment/investment in their kids schools. And no matter what decision is made, many people will be impacted, inconvenienced, and displaced.

To willingly volunteer to participate in such a thankless endeavor should be commended, regardless of the outcome.

If you know any of the people who have been actively involved in this committee, give them a hug.