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Solve Budget Woes? Install More Red Light Cameras!


Earlier today, as I opened my mail, I was hit by an epiphany.

Washington State legislators are currently facing some extremely significant challenges in getting Olympia out of massive debt. In their brilliance, they’ve determined that education, teaching professionals, and our kids are an unnecessary budgetary luxury. As such, they’ve recently decided to fly in the face of overwhelming public support, and suspend two voter-approved initiatives (I-728 and I-732).

Obviously, our trusty elected representatives really need our help in identifying other, more viable revenue streams to put us back in the black!….

As I tore open the envelope from our ever-vigilant Bremerton Police Department, my heart skipped a beat. Here was the answer to all of our budgetary short-fall woes!…

The City of Bremerton Washington Red Light Photo Enforcement Program

What a stroke of genius! Just imagine all the State programs we could fund with the simple click of a camera? We could take random pictures of people’s license plates all day long. At $124 per infraction, our lawmakers wouldn’t need to make these tough decisions. They wouldn’t have to suspend anything!

However, I might like to make just a couple suggestions:

1.  The return address for the Bremerton Police Department shouldn’t be a P. O. box in Phoenix, Arizona. Last time I checked, the Bremerton Police Department was located in Bremerton, Washington.

2.  Also, it seems a bit shady for me to be mailing my hard-earned $124 to a P.O. box in Cleveland, Ohio. Shouldn’t our government revenue dollars stay local?

3.  Make sure you only install the cameras in areas where people don’t normally live, work, or play.

Just sayin’….

Move Over, Miami Heat! Here Come the KHS Buccaneers!


I don’t know about you, but I’m fed up with multi-million dollar egos. Last time I checked, there were 15 players on the Miami roster, not 3. The NBA seems more like a collection of thugs and gangsters than highly skilled professional athletes.

Fortunately, we have a much better sports venue right here in our own backyard!

Last night, I had the extreme pleasure of attending the Kingston High vs. Bremerton High Varsity Basketball game. You wouldn’t know that the Knights are 3-4 overall, 2-3 league by the way they played in the first period. They literally exploded onto the floor, putting up 11 points before the Bucs got on the scoreboard. They drained several 3-point shots and dominated in rebounds. It was 17-7 when the quarter was over.

I was sitting there, enduring the supportive cheers of the Bremerton faithful, and thinking this was going to be a very long and painful night.

Au Contraire!

Credit the Kingston squad (6-1 overall, 5-0 league) for not allowing the Knights explosive start to diminish their spirits. The Buccaneers fought back, slowly regaining lost ground, to end the half with the score tied 25-25.

A 13-2 run in the third period and an 8-0 run in the fourth sealed the victory for Kingston and ended with a final score of 62-48.

It was a complete team effort, utilizing a good portion of the bench, and extremely well orchestrated under the skilled direction of Head Coach Blake Conley.

The Bremerton team has some tremendous potential if they can just find a way to maintain their level of intensity throughout all 4 periods.

For only $6, I seriously doubt you could find a better entertainment value for your money!

The Rape of Hood Canal WA

As an avid crabbing enthusiast, I spend a lot of time out on the Hood Canal during the Summer months, motoring around in my trusty C-Dory, in pursuit of the prized Dungeness Crab.

Labor Day weekend normally signals an end to the recreational crabbing season for Marine Area 12 (Hood Canal), so we were out dropping our pots, hoping to finish the season with nice legal limit (5 male dungeness crabs per licensed person).

As we headed into the public boat ramp at Miami Beach in Seabeck WA, we noticed what appeared to be a commercial fishing boat offloading oysters at the ramp. As we got closer, we noted two WA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife patrol trucks and several WDFW officers observing the unloading of their harvest.

Evidently, one of the local tribal fisheries had employed some migrant workers (a common practice used to avoid a regulation loophole so that oysters can be harvested from public land). Unfortunately, none of the workers possessed the proper licensing required, and the tally of oysters was well beyond the legal limits.

This prompted me to access the WA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Enforcement website, where I found their Quarterly Enforcement Newsletters.

I never realized that such blatant violations as mentioned above were so commonplace and prevalent in the Puget Sound.

I, for one, am thankful that we have an agency such as the WA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife to enforce and deter such illegal activities. Unfortunately, their reach and effectiveness is limited. For every violator that is caught, dozens go on undetected.

According to the WDFW website, there are currently only 141 commissioned Fish and Wildlife Officers in Washington, approximately 1 for every 43,288 citizens. The State of Washington encompasses 66,582 square miles, 157 miles of coast line, 3,026 miles of shoreline, 8,000 lakes and 40,000 miles of rivers and streams.

As concerned citizens and faithful stewards of the rich bounty afforded to us, we need to support the officers of Fish & Wildlife, and report potential violators immediately.

For instructions on how to report potential poaching violators, GO HERE.

Three Buck Chuck Comes to Kitsap County WA

Well, it used to be Two Buck Chuck, but with the recent economic downturn and Wall Street debacle, prices had to be adjusted accordingly.

But yes, Virginia, Trader Joe’s, the quirky specialty retail grocery chain with stores in nine states, is FINALLY coming to Silverdale WA!

Rumor has it that the recently vacated Circuit City location will be the home for Kitsap County’s long-awaited Trader Joe’s.

Trader Joe’s is the exclusive retailer of Charles Shaw wine, lovingly referred to as Two Buck Chuck because of its $1.99 price tag in California. In other States, it sells for around $3 a bottle due to varying state liquor taxes and transportation costs.

In a recent blog post, Kitsap Sun reporter Brynn Grimley stated that her sources denied any pending plans for a Trader Joes in Kitsap County and projected at least a couple years before any possibility of a store here would occur.

I guess the Facebook group that was formed “Citizens of Kitsap County WA Beg for a Trader Joes” can finally stop begging and soon start ‘shopping!’

UPDATE: Brynn Grimley kindly provided a link below to a more recent blog post where TJ officials were recently observed evaluating potential sites here in Silverdale.

How Do You Define ‘Quality of Life’ in Kitsap County WA?


Having traveled rather extensively throughout the United States and overseas, few places compare to the abundance of beauty I’ve discovered here in the Pacific Northwest.

On the Kitsap Peninsula, we’re surrounded by the clear deep waters of the Puget Sound. To the west, the majestic Olympic Mountains rise up dramatically from the shores of Hood Canal. Gazing eastward allows awe-inspiring views of Mt. Rainier, and a ferry ride drops you off into the eclectic capital of cool, Seattle.

For me, personally, the quality of life in Kitsap County is best defined as a safe and enjoyable place to raise a family. All four of our kids have benefited greatly from attending Central Kitsap schools. And together, we continue to amass a wealth of lasting memories like time spent crabbing out on the Hood Canal.

How do you define the ‘Quality of Life’ here in Kitsap County WA? What is it that personally makes it such a great place for you to live?

How could the quality of life in Kitsap County WA be improved? What are we lacking here that would make a significant positive impact? If you could make any changes to our area, what would they be?