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Why It’s a Good Idea to Expand the Poulsbo Port District

The attention-grabbing front-page headline on the January 31st edition of the North Kitsap Herald screamed “Outcry Over Annexation,” referring to a recent forum meeting between Port of Poulsbo Commissioners and the general public. The forum was provided as an opportunity for the Port District Commissioners to field questions from the public regarding the proposed expansion of the port district annexation boundaries.


The annexation proposal by District Commissioners, is slated for a February 11th ballot vote, and seeks to expand the port authorities reach/taxation over onto the Southern shores of Liberty Bay, as well as areas such as Scandia Point, Pearson Point, Virginia Point, and Lemolo.

Now let’s face it, no one likes increased taxes. We’re all of us extremely tired of big government constantly dipping its insatiable hands into our pocketbooks.

But I personally view this as an opportunity for us to collectively support something that directly benefits us all – the continued, sustained growth and viability of Liberty Bay and its port.

As a licensed real estate broker here in Kitsap County WA,  clearly one of the most stable and highly desirable housing markets within Kitsap County is Poulsbo WA. Among all of the various elements that have elevated Poulsbo to such an esteemed position, two of the most key are a thriving downtown area and a popular port.

No one can contest the fact that Poulsbo is one of the leading attractions and destinations here on the Kitsap Peninsula. Its closest rival is Gig Harbor in North Pierce County. Little Norway, nestled on the shores of Liberty Bay, draws thousands upon thousands of visitors of each year. And as we all know, visitors spend money, and money generates profits, resulting in a healthy, vibrant local economy.

Regardless of whether you live in Poulsbo Place or Pearson Point, a successful, viable downtown & port district benefits us all. It has a positive affect on our property valuations and enhances our overall quality of life. You don’t have to travel very far to see how uniquely blessed we all are to live in neighboring proximity to downtown Poulsbo and its port. Other waterfront communities in Kitsap County are not as fortunate.

Now is not the time to spread unfounded warnings that the “Sky is Falling!” It’s time for us all to support the continued positive growth and future development of our city and harbor. Vote ‘Yes!’ to expand the port district annexation!

3 thoughts on “Why It’s a Good Idea to Expand the Poulsbo Port District

  1. Speak for yourself Rick, don’t try and tell the rest of us what’s good for us. Not one single person at the City Hall meeting spoke out in favor of annexation. And for good reason. When one port commissioner told us that we were already part of the PUD, implying that we were on city water and sewers, there was a collective groan from the crowd and shouts of NO and “we’re on wells and septic”. That incredible disconnect from the commissioners is enough reason to vote NO.
    Another reason to vote NO is that they were unable to give any specifics at all as to how the additional tax revenue would be used. You can throw the words economic development around all you want but until you can define exactly what that is they’re just words.
    Use your heads people. How much more control over your waterfront property do you want government to have? Poulsbo and the surrounding areas will be just fine without this huge Port expansion.
    Vote NO.

    1. Hey Michael! Yeah, great game yesterday, huh? I love that the Hawks were so clearly dominant. It left no questions to the nay-sayers!

      This is simply my own humble opinion, Michael. I wanted to throw out another perspective on things. I totally understand and appreciate your views here. My primary point here is that we ALL benefit to some degree from having a vibrant, successful downtown & port. And I would agree that the Port Commissioners need to do a much better job of detailing how the extra revenues will be spent. Personally, I don’t think we’ll be ‘just fine’ without additional revenues for the Port.

      Thanks for your comments!

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