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Update on CK Schools Supplemental Levy Voting Results

Although the final updated results won’t be available until February 27th, the latest election results indicate that the CK Schools Supplemental Levy will pass by a narrow margin.

You can find the actual results posted HERE.

Even if successfully passed, this supplemental levy will only reduce the current SY 12-13 budget shortfall by $2 million. We will still be facing a very significant financial challenge for the next several years at least.

I realize that it’s a bit premature, but a HUGE “Thank You!” to all the area residents who voted in support of our valued Central Kitsap School District and ultimately the continued educational well-being of our children!

One thought on “Update on CK Schools Supplemental Levy Voting Results

  1. I wonder if you have recieved your property tax bill for this year? I know many residents have no idea where thier property tax dollars end up and some couldn’t even tell you how much it costs them each month as taxes are wrapped into thier house payment.
    This year my home value has gone down and my property tax liability has gone up by nearly $500. A closer inspection of the tax bill shows the school levy was the reason for the increase. With the passage of this levy can I expect to see another $200+ added?
    The county budget this year is forcast to be $82M, thier revenue is $79M. Could you imagine budgeting your home the way our schools and local goverments do! We don’t have a revenue problem we have a spending problem. Goverments and Schools need to wake up before we have a tax revolt in thie county.

    Scott Greer: Central Kitsap

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