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Should Silverdale WA become Incorporated?


Well, once again, an effort is underway to stir up support to incorporate Silverdale WA, this time led by a political action group called the ‘Citizens United for Silverdale.’

Silverdale Incorporation efforts become official

This is the fourth such attempt to wrestle Silverdale from the controlling clutches of Kitsap County.

As I’ve discussed this issue with other area residents, most people are not opposed to the idea, but simply want to know the pros & cons of incorporation:

What benefits would we realize as a result of incorporation? What effects would it have on the local economy and businesses? How much would our taxes increase?

Perhaps one of the best things this political action committee ‘Citizens United for Silverdale‘ could do is put up a website detailing as much information as possible on the benefits incorporation normally brings to a community like Silverdale WA. Even creating a Facebook Page would be a great step towards engaging members of our community and sharing helpful information about incorporation.

What are Your thoughts? Should Silverdale be incorporated? Why or why not?

4 thoughts on “Should Silverdale WA become Incorporated?

  1. Thank you for opening up this discussion.

    The Silverdale Urban Growth Area which is the outermost boundary for the City of Silverdale is made up of areas from Silverdale,Poulsbo and Bremerton. These boundaries were mandated by the Growth Management Act and were drawn up in 1998 and revised in 2005 by Kitsap County and a group of about forty citizens.

    Recently in the Kitsap Sun, Christopher Dunagan wrote, “… the county can’t afford to provide services in unincorporated urban areas any more.”

    Read more:

    Citizens United for Silverdale will speak to the Silverdale Rotary in March and the Silverdale Chamber in April. A public meeting of Chico area residents is tentatively planned for the first part of March. If more info is needed, please contact us and we will try to answer your concerns.

    Our Frequently Asked Questions is a three page document that explains the process, revenue and expenses of incorporating Silverdale. For extremely detailed info on this subject visit the Revised Code of Washington at

    We are on Facebook (UniteSilverdale), have an email address and a website that will be published soon.

    We can be reached at P.O. Box 3901, Silverdale, 98383 and

    1. Yeah, neither could I. One of the first things you need in promoting a cause is a good online presence where your message can be detailed and questions answered. It’s so easy nowadays to set-up a Facebook page, a WordPress blog platform, a Twitter account, etc..

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