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Gregoire’s Budget Creates Educational Mediocrity

December 17th, 2010 by Rich Jacobson


In spite of a pending lawsuit that challenges the States longstanding inability to fully fund basic K-12 education as required by the constitution, Governor Gregoire is proposing sweeping cuts that will drastically move Olympia in the opposite direction of meeting that mandate.

And unfortunately, the ultimate casualties of these reckless spending reductions are our children.

But in addition, these massive cuts send a strong message to our teachers – don’t strive for educational excellence; don’t attempt to improve your knowledge base or skill set; become complacent; embrace mediocrity!

Included in Gregoire’s budget butchering is the suspension of annual bonuses for National Board-certified teachers. It’s not a huge bonus, mind you, but it’s one of the few programs out there that rewards teachers for investing significant time and energy in achieving higher levels of proficiency and fosters meaningful self-improvement. It’s a program that translates into better equipped teachers, which results in improved student performance.

If these proposed cuts are approved, our legislators will be sending us the wrong message – that education is not a priority in Washington State; that our teaching professionals shouldn’t strive for educational excellence; and that our kids don’t matter.

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2 Responses to “Gregoire’s Budget Creates Educational Mediocrity”

  1. KitsapSteve Says:

    Cuts have to happen and no one will be happy. But the reality is, it is not merely an economic issue. Spending by the State was/is at record unsustainable levels (ie expenses out weigh tax revenue). There are only two options, tax more or cut spending. The people of Washington spoke overwhelmingly to not increase taxes so that leaves no option but to cut.

    “…these massive cuts send a strong message to our teachers – don’t strive for educational excellence; don’t attempt to improve your knowledge base or skill set; become complacent; embrace mediocrity!”

    I could not agree more that excellent educators ought to be encouraged to excellence by compensation, bonus, and a job. But the opposite is also true. Teachers who do not perform should be expelled. Bureaucratic administrators, and programs that do not focus on the core value to students should be targeted for elimination.

    I believe these cuts must happen and the message that will be sent is we want our children to be able to enter the workforce WITHOUT the burden of taxes and debt and be forced to leave the State no matter the eduction outcome of the students. California?

  2. Rich Jacobson Says:

    Points well taken, KitsapSteve…

    Our elected officials must become more fiscally responsible and not continue to propagate the past spending habits that have brought us to this point. Tough cuts need to be made. And there are some States that make it next to impossible to terminate incompetent/poor performing employees. We need to encourage measures to meaningfully motivate our educators to excel, but also hold them more accountable to basic performance standards.

    Thanks for your comments….

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