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Celebrate Central Kitsap School District!

Here’s a really great video that helps to hallmark many of the accomplishments made by the Central Kitsap School District over the past year…..

Remember to vote ‘YES!’ in support of the upcoming CKSD Capital Projects Levy in February 2011, and help to ensure quality education for the students of Central Kitsap County WA!

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One thought on “Celebrate Central Kitsap School District!

  1. In encourage every voter in every school district to really think before they vote YES on any levy. I encourage them to contact, petition and pressure their school district and union leadership to re-negotiate all employee contracts.

    Many State agencies, unions and State employees have already successfully re-negotiated their existing or expiring contracts to cut costs and save taxpayer money because of massive budget shortfalls. Even the Governor is pressing for it here..

    Employees, and the unions, of the State funded education monopoly are currently refusing to give any but the most minimal concessions when compared to what other state employees have already conceded in these troubled economic times let alone what comparable private sector employees have had to give up.

    Many districts still allow the silver parachutes in their contracts. These lucrative taxpayer funded excess allowances need to be cut way back or done away with completely. You can read about how much that cost taxpayer here…

    Levy money is used by districts to pay for contractually obligated salaries and benefits that are not fully funded by the State.
    Everyone is taking reductions, concessions and increased out of pocket payments in their jobs. Education employees should not be an exception.

    Be a smart voter. Use your vote on the Levy as leverage to improve the stewardship and spending of taxpayer dollars when it comes to education. The current education funding system, existing union contracts, and pension formulas are breaking down the system at a rapid pace and are reaching a critical mass of un-sustainability.

    Passing a much needed levy for capital improvements is one thing, making sure concessions and reform are publically made known, visible and implemented in other areas of district spending to balance it out is your duty as a voter, parent and community member. You have the opportunity to start right here in your own district. Take it.

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