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Monthly Archives: December 2010

This blog is a Kitsap Sun reader blog. The Kitsap Sun neither edits nor previews reader blog posts. Their content is the sole creation and responsibility of the readers who produce them. Reader bloggers are asked to adhere to our reader blog agreement. If you have a concern or would like to start a reader blog of your own, please contact

Seoul Korean BBQ Restaurant for the Holidays!

seoul-korean-bbq-restaurant-silverdale-waIn the hilarious Holiday movie classic “The Christmas Story” Ralph and his family end up breaking with tradition and eating their Christmas Day dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

The new Seoul Korean BBQ Restaurant here in Silverdale gives area residents many ample reasons to break with holiday tradition, including generous portions, reasonable prices, and some really great food!

My oldest son Ben wanted to treat me to lunch the other day in celebration of my birthday. I had been meaning to try out this relatively new eating establishment for quite some time (sorry, Mike Pitts, I couldn’t wait any longer!). And since I was conveniently shopping at the nearby Ross store, my son’s invitation was perfectly timed.seoul-korean-bbq-restaurant-silverdale-wa

I ordered the Daeji Bul Go Ki (Sliced Pork marinated in a Hot & Spicy sauce. Ben got the Haemul Dolsol Bibim Bap (assorted vegetables, beef, and seafood, mixed with rice).

As is typical, our meal began with a dozen or so intriguing and enticing side dishes, including one of my long time faves, kimchi. It was great having so many delicious appetizers to choose from!

Our main dishes came along shortly thereafter, and did not disappoint in the least! Ben’s Bibim Bap was served in a hot stone bowl, making Mexican hot plate dishes seem like child’s play. My pork dish was hot & spicy, as expected.

Located at 10408 Silverdale Way NW (Suite A-117) in the Ross Plaza, Silverdale WA, the Seoul Korean BBQ Restaurant is another welcomed addition in the Kitsap County dining landscape. Their hours of operation are Monday, Wednesday through Saturday 11am to 10pm, and Sundays 11am to 9pm. They are closed Tuesdays.

Follow in the footsteps of Ralphie this holiday season and enjoy a break from the traditional turkey or ham. Trust me, your tummy will be so glad you did!

Move Over, Miami Heat! Here Come the KHS Buccaneers!


I don’t know about you, but I’m fed up with multi-million dollar egos. Last time I checked, there were 15 players on the Miami roster, not 3. The NBA seems more like a collection of thugs and gangsters than highly skilled professional athletes.

Fortunately, we have a much better sports venue right here in our own backyard!

Last night, I had the extreme pleasure of attending the Kingston High vs. Bremerton High Varsity Basketball game. You wouldn’t know that the Knights are 3-4 overall, 2-3 league by the way they played in the first period. They literally exploded onto the floor, putting up 11 points before the Bucs got on the scoreboard. They drained several 3-point shots and dominated in rebounds. It was 17-7 when the quarter was over.

I was sitting there, enduring the supportive cheers of the Bremerton faithful, and thinking this was going to be a very long and painful night.

Au Contraire!

Credit the Kingston squad (6-1 overall, 5-0 league) for not allowing the Knights explosive start to diminish their spirits. The Buccaneers fought back, slowly regaining lost ground, to end the half with the score tied 25-25.

A 13-2 run in the third period and an 8-0 run in the fourth sealed the victory for Kingston and ended with a final score of 62-48.

It was a complete team effort, utilizing a good portion of the bench, and extremely well orchestrated under the skilled direction of Head Coach Blake Conley.

The Bremerton team has some tremendous potential if they can just find a way to maintain their level of intensity throughout all 4 periods.

For only $6, I seriously doubt you could find a better entertainment value for your money!

Gregoire’s Budget Creates Educational Mediocrity


In spite of a pending lawsuit that challenges the States longstanding inability to fully fund basic K-12 education as required by the constitution, Governor Gregoire is proposing sweeping cuts that will drastically move Olympia in the opposite direction of meeting that mandate.

And unfortunately, the ultimate casualties of these reckless spending reductions are our children.

But in addition, these massive cuts send a strong message to our teachers – don’t strive for educational excellence; don’t attempt to improve your knowledge base or skill set; become complacent; embrace mediocrity!

Included in Gregoire’s budget butchering is the suspension of annual bonuses for National Board-certified teachers. It’s not a huge bonus, mind you, but it’s one of the few programs out there that rewards teachers for investing significant time and energy in achieving higher levels of proficiency and fosters meaningful self-improvement. It’s a program that translates into better equipped teachers, which results in improved student performance.

If these proposed cuts are approved, our legislators will be sending us the wrong message – that education is not a priority in Washington State; that our teaching professionals shouldn’t strive for educational excellence; and that our kids don’t matter.

Last weekend for “It’s a Wonderful Life!”


Celebrate the Holiday season by joining CSTOCK’S closing weekend performance of “It’s a Wonderful Life.” The cast and crew look forward to sharing with you this wonderful adaptation of the famous Frank Capra film. Enjoy a Holiday classic as you have never before – with Live Theatre! Please enjoy $2 off, per ticket, as our gift to you. Enter the code “Holiday” when ordering online, or just say the word at the door when purchasing your tickets (May not be combined with any other discounts). For more information, go to

Camp CSTOCK Winter Break Camp

Do you have children between the ages of 7 and 18 home for winter break? Consider sending them to Camp CSTOCK Winter Break Camp from December 27 through 31! Your child will learn all aspects of theatre performance art – character, set design, blocking, costuming – while learning and performing “The Fantastic Mr. Fox.” The program is from 9am until 5pm, Monday through Friday. Cost is $100.

Performances are December 31 at 7:30 pm and January 1 at 2:00 pm. Registration deadline is December 22, payment deadline is December 31. If you are a former Camp CSTOCK or workshop participant, enjoy 25% off if you are enrolled and paid in full by December 22! Contact director Andrea Gonzeles (email: to enroll today. This makes an unforgettable gift, too! For more information, go to

Celebrate Central Kitsap School District!

Here’s a really great video that helps to hallmark many of the accomplishments made by the Central Kitsap School District over the past year…..

Remember to vote ‘YES!’ in support of the upcoming CKSD Capital Projects Levy in February 2011, and help to ensure quality education for the students of Central Kitsap County WA!

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