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Silverdale Chamber Director Michael Broome is Gone

In an e-mail statement made earlier today by Board of Directors President, Chris Koebelin, Silverdale Chamber Executive Director, Michael Broome, is no longer at the helm of the Chamber:

From the Board of Directors

“Thank you to all of our members for your continued support of the growth and positive change in the Silverdale Chamber of Commerce.  The Board of Directors is continuing to look for ways to improve our organization and continue the momentum we have enjoyed over the past year.  We have recently parted ways with our Executive Director Michael Broome.  Mr. Broome was an important part of our positive changes over the past 9 months and we wish him well in his future endeavors.  The direction that the Silverdale Chamber will head is one that is consistent with what we have been doing”….

Lynsi Burton, a staff writer with the Central Kitsap Reporter, submitted the following story on September 8th:

“After nine months on the job, Michael Broome, executive director of the Silverdale Chamber of Commerce, is no longer with the chamber.

An office administrator at the chamber confirmed Broome’s departure Wednesday afternoon. When Broome was contacted, he declined to comment on the nature of his exit and said the Board of Directors is still discussing details on the decision.

Chris Koebelin, president of the chamber’s Board of Directors, has not returned requests for comment.”

As an active member of the Silverdale Chamber, I’m anxious to know why Mr. Broome would leave at a time when so much positive momentum was taking place? His enthusiasm, humor, creative energy will be sorely missed!