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Party@thePier HUGE fun for Area Students

A time honored tradition here in Silverdale WA has been the unofficial party that takes place at the Silverdale Waterfront Park each June when schools let out for summer. Local law enforcement and Kitsap County Park officials have historically expressed concerns over the safety of students who participate in this unsupervised event.

Enter Kevin Pentz.

Kevin is on staff with the local youth ministry of newlife church and helps lead/coordinate 50 youth leaders and over 300 students.

Kevin conceived a vision where this unofficial year-end party could evolve into a much larger, safer, and more enjoyable celebration for area students.

Party@thePier was born!

Over 1,000 area students filled the Silverdale Waterfront Park last Wednesday, consuming nearly as many free hot dogs, while competing in 3-on-3 basketball and xBox tournaments, watching skateboard and break dancing exhibitions, and listening to free concerts by area bands, including popular Seattle-based ‘The Classic Crime.’

The day began at 7:30am when dozens of newlife volunteers arrived to setup the stage, tents, and concession areas. By Noon, a steady stream of kids began to show up. Another dozen or so additional volunteers served as security patrol, helping to supplement two Kitsap County sheriffs who were contracted for the event.

The Party@thePier lasted until just after 8pm and went exceptionally smooth, thanks to all the hard working volunteers and event staff. A special word of thanks to Kevin Pentz, Donovan Pinegar, Eric Trudeau, Ben Jacobson, Gordon Sound, and Kitsap County Parks Supervisor Dori Leckner for helping to make this such a successful event.

Look for an even bigger and better Party@thePier event in 2011!