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Three Buck Chuck Comes to Kitsap County WA

Well, it used to be Two Buck Chuck, but with the recent economic downturn and Wall Street debacle, prices had to be adjusted accordingly.

But yes, Virginia, Trader Joe’s, the quirky specialty retail grocery chain with stores in nine states, is FINALLY coming to Silverdale WA!

Rumor has it that the recently vacated Circuit City location will be the home for Kitsap County’s long-awaited Trader Joe’s.

Trader Joe’s is the exclusive retailer of Charles Shaw wine, lovingly referred to as Two Buck Chuck because of its $1.99 price tag in California. In other States, it sells for around $3 a bottle due to varying state liquor taxes and transportation costs.

In a recent blog post, Kitsap Sun reporter Brynn Grimley stated that her sources denied any pending plans for a Trader Joes in Kitsap County and projected at least a couple years before any possibility of a store here would occur.

I guess the Facebook group that was formed “Citizens of Kitsap County WA Beg for a Trader Joes” can finally stop begging and soon start ‘shopping!’

UPDATE: Brynn Grimley kindly provided a link below to a more recent blog post where TJ officials were recently observed evaluating potential sites here in Silverdale.

11 thoughts on “Three Buck Chuck Comes to Kitsap County WA

  1. Hey Rich,

    Just wanted to point you to the even more recent blog post I wrote this week on our new Peninsular Thinking blog where I talk about a TJ’s sighting in Silverdale.

    The post is here:

    A source saw TJ representatives looking at buildings in Silverdale.

    Do you mind if I ask where you heard they were for sure moving into Circuit City? I’m trying to find proof of a signed lease and so far have turned up empty!


    — Brynn

  2. Hey, Brynn. I figured you’d be right on top of it. Thanks for sharing the link. I can’t reveal my sources, otherwise I’d end up being crab bait at the bottom of Hood Canal. But I am confident of their accuracy.

  3. UPDATE: “We don’t have any actual facts, but here’s another helping of rumors presented as facts.”

  4. last week the Ksun reported that Trader Joes said no plans for Kitsap in the next two years.. weird.

  5. The corporate office is saying no plans for Silverdale, but the managers at two other TJ stores are saying yes. They’ve told me that a lease has been signed, but that their corporate spokespeople won’t make anything official until they’re ready to put a sign out in front. The Sun reported what the official spokesperson said and also checked to see if TJ has filed permit requests in Kitsap and as of that time, they had not. That’s responsible journalism, because until TJ is ready to “go on record,” we all have only hearsay. (But I think it’s increasingly solid hearsay!).

  6. Derek: If it doesn’t happen, I’ll spring for lunch at your favorite local eatery. If it does happen, you can come back and leave a nice apologetic comment!

  7. Frank G: I actually think it’s a great location. Have you been inside the Goodwill store yet? It’s one of the nicer Goodwill locations I’ve seen. Anything remotely close to Costco is going to draw great traffic. I wouldn’t call $3 for a bottle of wine necessarily overpriced, unless your preferred brand is Ripple or Boonesfarm?

  8. Ann: I appreciate the Kitsap Sun’s commitment to responsible journalism. Unfortunately, for the majority of mainstream media those two words are a conflicting oxymoron. My sources are a couple notches above solid hearsay. You can take it to the bank, just make sure it’s not WAMU or American Marine!

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