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Tough Times for Teachers

According to a Kitsap Sun article published yesterday, 17 education professionals in the Central Kitsap School District will receive their layoff notices today.

It’s a very sad and difficult time for our teachers, local school administrators, and school board officials, and especially for those individuals committed to the teaching profession who will soon find themselves unemployed.

As you pick up your kids from school today, give our teachers a word of thanks and encouragement. Write a note to Superintendent Greg Lynch and the members of our school board and let them know how much you appreciate all of their hard work through the challenges of the past several years leading up to these tough decisions.

And lastly, send off a few emails to our elected representatives in Olympia imploring them to support badly needed reforms to the way in which our State funds public education.


2 thoughts on “Tough Times for Teachers

  1. One small correction to this… Say thank you to the teacher who is doing a good job for you and your child. Thank them if they are communicating with you as a parent well about the good and the bad. Thank them if they are working hard to make the constant necessary minor adjustments needed in their teaching style to benefit as many of the kids in their class(es) as possible. Thank them if they provide transparency about their goals, teaching style and expectations. Thank them if your child is experiencing positive educational results based on their efforts. These are earned and deserved thank you’s.

    Thank you’s for simply choosing to employ oneself in a certain profession are not earned or deserved. Sometimes a certain amount of cleansing, downsizing and shaking things up is very necessary to allow this very encapsulated systems of “little kingdoms” to self adjust.

  2. I’m not sure which “educational professionals” where recently given their walking papers, however, I am sure it where not the ones that are teaching my grandson revised history and science. Onesided studies of Global Warming and conspiracy theroies of the assination of John Kennedy are not what I want my property tax levy money (that I did not vote for) going to. The layoff should have gone to an unresponsive upper management that doesn’t take bulling serious. I guess they are waiting for a student to commit suicide or a stabbing in band class before they will act. Teach our student’s true history, balanced science and protect them while under your supervison.

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