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Should Silverdale be Incorporated? Pros & Cons

In today’s Kitsap Sun, reporter Brynn Grimley dredged up the longstanding debate over the potential incorporation of Silverdale

(see “Silverdale Incorporation Talks Resume“)

I curious, what are the genuine, intellight ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ to the incorporation of Silverdale?

I realize that incorporation naturally brings with it the added tax burdens associated with city government, administration, and related services. Given our current economic conditions, the idea of any additional taxes is going to be a really tough sell.

Aside from that, what other negatives are there?

What are the positives?

What is the County currently providing or not providing that incorporation would do better for the residents of Silverdale?

One thought on “Should Silverdale be Incorporated? Pros & Cons

  1. Just look to Bainbridge Island and see if it was worth it to incorporate. Looks like the grass isn’t so green. I hear lots of 20-20 hindsight complaining but not much praise. What are the pros from Bainbridge Island?

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