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3 thoughts on “Seabeck WA Marina: DNR = Does Notable Reversal

  1. Some questions for you I have not seen addressed:

    Under what law or policy does this habitat review come from? DNR is not a regulatory agency and cannot require a environmental habitat review unless through a specific instrument authorized by a regulatory agency. No one, even the reporters, have explained what this “habitat reivew” is, only that “it has been done before” on the marina.

    The marina was also asked to ensure the boundary lines were correct. Isn’t this a good thing? DNR has been working hard to standardize survey methods, and after the issues in Hood Canal with folks finding shellfish plots on private property, well – doesn’t it make sense to know where the boundary lines are?

    Should we really be suprised this state service will take time? State agencies, including DNR, have been drastically cut in staff and resources. I know that I am finding some services harder to obtain. But this was what we all wanted in order to help balance the budget. Maybe we should think twice before complaining that state services are taking too long…Just until our budget is up and running again….

    What will all this anger towards DNR get us? They are not a regulatory agency, they are a land management agency. They issue leases and easements, not permits. They do not seem to be doing anything intentional here – they have said they intend to work with the applicant and given him a timeframe. Apparently they have also said they intend to release – just not right now. So, the if I understand this correctly, the marina will go forward, the jobs will occur, you just have to make sure the review is completed, the permits are updated (not done over, but updated, if you missed a few minor details about the environment) and you will have to wait for the next in-water work window, right? By then, the lease will probably be approved and ready? Did I miss something?

    Just a few questions.

  2. Oh, one other question. When the lease was transferred from the old owners of the marina to the new owners, why didn’t the new owners immediately check the status of the lease to ensure it was in good standing to avoid any delays? When I buy a house, I need to do a transfer of title. I make sure the title is clear….if that’s any type of analogy to the responsibility of the new marina owners. Except of course, they are renting, not purchasing…

  3. groovyjoker: it’s somewhat of a mute point, now that DNR has agreed to allow the developers to move forward with the work, and negotiate a lease arrangement down the road. An excellent compromise, in my opinion!

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