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Central Kitsap Community Council – “Our Voice in Kitsap County”

I don’t know about you, but lately I feel like our elected officials in Washington DC have lost touch with their constituency. Our country has lost it’s sense of representative form of government and the voice of the common citizen falls on deaf ears.central-kitsap-community-council

Fortunately though, here in Central Kitsap, we do have a meaningful structure and process to bridge the communication gap between residents and local government.

The Central Kitsap Community Council is an advisory body created by the Board of County Commissioners through a resolution in 1998 and was tasked with the following purpose:

Facilitate and improve communication among the Central Kitsap community and the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC)

Promote a sense of community

Advise the BOCC and government agencies of the desires and concerns of the community

Bring to the Central Kitsap community issues and projects of the County and convey the community response as requested by the BOCC.

The Central Kitsap Community Council (CKCC) exists to represent the citizens of Central Kitsap (defined as those living within the Central Kitsap School District boundaries, but excluding land within the City of Bremerton).

The charge given to CKCC is to review and make recommendations on growth management issues such as land use and zoning, public utility service delivery, transportation improvements, parks and recreation, design standards, public safety, taxes and fees, environmental protection, and other related matters.

The CKCC meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Water District Office at Dickey and Newberry Hill roads from 7:00pm – 9:00pm, except for April and October Town Hall meetings.

The next meeting is January 20th.

For more information, access the CKCC page on the website.

5 thoughts on “Central Kitsap Community Council – “Our Voice in Kitsap County”

  1. I was one of the folks called. Some of the questions were hard to answer because of the way they were phrased. For example, some of the questions required a yes AND no answer.

    If community involvement is wanted, they should provide for open, on-line or phone sessions from people who sign up for the meeting, proving they were within the district perimeter.
    It can be difficult for some folks to get around and, it seems to me, discriminatory that session involvement not be allowed for them.
    The KS provides video involvement for sports games, why can’t the school board sessions be done the same way…they are surely just as important.
    The on-line Webinar (sp) meetings work well and could be an option. The majority voters would get the information needed to vote ‘Yes’ on school bonds.
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. Sharon: With all the technology available these days, it shouldn’t be any difficulty offering a live stream of these meetings. The more information we can provide to the community the better!

  3. The CKCC only works if the CK county commissioner actually considers the concerns it voices. So far I have seen no evidence that Josh Brown considers the concerns of anyone but Josh Brown.

  4. I used to attend regularly, after a few meetings with Josh sometimes present, but often too busy, I gave up. It became obvious that Josh learned everything he could possibly need to know at Berkley.

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