FRAMES ~ Photo Challenge #99 : Reflections STAND-OUTS


Nice work on the Reflection challenge! As usual it was so nice to see so many different subjects and shooting styles showcased.

Finding and utilizing reflections to help tell a story is something photojournalist Larry Steagall and I use daily as we traverse the county capturing photographs for the paper.

If we are in a subject’s house, and there is a mirror on the wall or a very shiny appliance in the kitchen, you better believe we will try to use that in our photograph every time.

Of course many times the image just doesn’t work and doesn’t make our final edit but seeking out those reflections is just one of the many tools of the trade that we use as we attempt to capture dynamic “out of the box” images on a daily basis.

Remember there aren’t any winners or losers, I just pick a few images and ramble on about why they “stand-out” to me for various reasons.

The following images will be published in the Sunday, April 10th. edition of the Kitsap Sun:


Reflect by Eli Pantenbburg

I absolutely love this creative photographer selfie by Eli. What could have just been a ho-hum shot of a reflection of the person taking the photo was stepped up to a very visually interesting image with the help of a few angled mirrors held be a  pair of co-subjects. The photo editor in me would suggest cropping tighter on the mirror subjects and getting rid of the garbage can and light pole though.


Ramp It Up! by Jeremy Lowe

I really like how Jeremy submitted this image upside down (he did so on purpose I promise) because truthfully there are a lot of times when a really crisp reflection image just begs to be rotated just to see if the the reflection could pass for the actual object or scene. I admit that at first glance I didn’t even realize it was upside down until I studied it closer and saw the slight ripples in the water. Rotation is a unique way of image presentation that works well for this shot.
Untitled by Matt Evans

The details and color of this macro droplet splash image are just amazing!


Blossom Reflection by Travis Tyler

This beautiful shot has wonderful composition with the grass running right through the middle of the frame making the whole frame just perfectly symmetrical both vertically and horizontally. I also really like how the reflection half of the image has a slightly darker mood to it because of  the  hue of clouds reflected in the water as well as how the pink of  the blossoms are lost in the silhouette.



Wading Plover by Jack C. Harpel

The composition of this little wader is really nice with the rocks at the top of the frame and the rocks breaking up the reflection toward the bottom. I also think Jack is well aware that I am a giant “bird nerd” which is why he’s always finding a creative and beautiful way to photograph birds so that they fit into each month’s challenge theme…it’s as if he knows that I can’t resist “oooing” and “ahhhing” over those little feathered friends every month.

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