FRAMES ~ Photo Challenge #97 : Portrait STAND-OUTS


Usually choosing stand-outs for these challenges takes a lot of time because of the sheer volume of images that are sent in and have to be scrutinized…but that was not the case for this portrait challenge.

Which is fine because I knew when I posted this challenge that it would not be very popular because every year I try to get people excited about taking pictures of people and every year I fail.

Photographing people is tough. It can be uncomfortable for both the photographer and the subject. Plus, the majority of people in this world seem to not like getting their picture taken. I am of course basing this assumption on my day-to-day photojournalist life of hearing people say, “I hate having my picture taken!”

That being said, and extra big “thank you” goes out to those who tried their hands at portraits this time around. I really enjoyed seeing the different subject’s you captured and the different shooting styles.

Remember, there are no winners or losers, I just pick a few photos and ramble on about why I like them and why they “stand-out” above the others to me.

The following photos will be published in the Kitsap Sun print edition on February 14th.


Skagit River Eagle Guide by Jack C. Harpel

While I wish I could see a bit more of this subject’s environment (ie river or boat) to add to the context of the image, I still think it is a lovely shot and what is shown tells the story of the subject just fine. I also enjoy the slightly off-center composition of the colorfully clad guide and how he’s looking out of the frame.


Bob by Shawna Whelan
Every subject of a portrait has a story and “good” portraits either answer all the viewer’s questions about the subject right there in that frame and/or in that one frame make the viewer want to know more about the subject. With the absence of color and the dramatic lighting with the glints of that light source in the eyes, this image makes me want to know Bob’s story.
Northwest Singer Heather Wood
Northwest Singer Heather Wood by Steve Johnson
The composition of this photo and how the subject matter fills almost the whole frame is outstanding. Also, the image just flows so nicely with the singer’s hands along the curves of the instrument.

Angel Abby by Emily Holt

This photo really drives home the point that all you need for a nice portrait is some nice light, a willing subject, strong composition and the ability to wrangle those three things neatly into one frame.  Emily showcased this subject just beautifully.

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