FRAMES: Photo Challenge #78 : Selfie (or Self-Portrait): Stand-outs

Nice job on the Selfie/Self-Portrait Challenge!

Okay, to be honest I don’t really ever take selfies, nor did I study them while getting my photojournalism degree.

The thing is, the same guidelines for a “good” photo should still apply to the selfies of the Facebook generation as well, those guidelines being of course; composition, light and subject matter. I admit, many times I see a selfie posted to facebook and I cringe because of lack of all or some of those guidelines.

I realize that my profession causes me to be a wee bit more critical of every photo I look at, but come on people, if a selfie must be taken and posted for the world to see, make it photographically stellar in every way possible!

But I digress.

I really enjoyed the diversity of the selfies entered, there were some straight-forward shots and some lovely “out of the box” creativity going on. Of course, I especially liked the ones that made me laugh because I think we can all admit those are always the ones that we remember. One entry of two dogs and an owner was particularly hilarious, but it was too small of a photo to be printed, thus I couldn’t make it a “stand-out”.

Here are my “stand-outs” that will be published in the Sunday, July 13th. edition of the Kitsap Sun.



“Feedback” by Steve Johnson

Steve used his Olympus OMD-EM1 camera, (which sends image and shutter functions to his phone) to capture this selfie of a selfie of a selfie. It is a very creative and well executed photo. I also really like how he used both forms of “camera technology” (phone and actual camera) to capture this


“Untitled” by John Haydon

This was of course one of those shots that made me laugh. I really don’t need to see John’s face in this selfie, I can get a sense that he is a funny guy who likes the color blue.

Setting up the fireworks for the Poulsbo show. Tyler Boyle


“Poulsbo Fireworks Set-Up” by Tyler Boyle

I don’t even know if Tyler meant to enter this in our challenge since it was posted to the Kitsap Sun Facebook page. But I grabbed it when I saw it because to me a selfie that gives a sense of place or action by showing what is in the background are the best ones. These selfies tell more of a story of the person in the photo and being a photojournalist I am of course all about the photos that tell stories.

"Train Ride" by Benjamin Steele

“Train Ride” by Benjamin Steele

Sure the viewer is looking up the nose of the photographer/main subject of this shot but that nose perspective is pretty humorous and gives this frame a very interesting composition.



“Selfie With Spike” by Dan Kuhs

The expressions of both subjects and the adorable spiky hair of this youngster really makes this image delightful.