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FRAMES: Photo Challenge #78 : Selfie (or Self-Portrait): Round 2

July 2nd, 2014 by Meegan Reid

Deadline for Selfie challenge is still Monday, July 7th.

With Bremerton’s Gamecon this weekend I have high hopes for a multitude of last minute entries of cosplay selfies so don’t let me down!

Recap of challenge rules and regulations is HERE

Here are a few more entries.


“Selfie With Spike” by Dan Kuhs


“Baby And Me” by Sandi Seed


“Ronald And Me” by Amanda Templeton


“To Be One With The Lens” by Jerry Mercogliano


“3 Behind These Hazel Eyes” by Megan Garrison


Adventures With Jeff #4: College Graduation by Stephen Castleton

**Note from photographer: From my series of selfies in which I wear a shirt featuring a shirtless Jeff Goldblum in a variety of locations. Gifted to me by my friend Clint.


“Train Ride” by Benjamin Steele


“Selfie of Me and My Newborn Bella Snow” by Mistey Neff


“Selfie” by unknown


“Selfie of Me and My Newborn Bella Snow” by Mistey Neff


“Ida and Dakota” by Ida Gibbs




“Love” by Mike Bishop

***Note from Meegan: this one isn’t in the running as a stand-out since that is my silly fella who snapped and uploaded this selfie as I (with camera on the left) was taking a photo in the Hoh rainforest. I suppose I need to add a “Boyfriends and Family Members of Frames Photo Blog Not Eligible For Stand-Out Status ;)***


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One Response to “FRAMES: Photo Challenge #78 : Selfie (or Self-Portrait): Round 2”

  1. Lea Says:

    I like your fella’s entry!
    …and the selfie by Unknown with the “happy” pups. Good way to start the day.


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