FRAMES: Photo Challenge #75: Reflections: STAND-OUTS

Nice job on the reflections! As usual I loved the variety of subjects and shooting styles that were on display.

Remember, there are no winners or losers, I just pick a few shots that “stand-out” to me and ramble on about why I like them.

The following photos will be published in the Sunday, April 13th edition of the Kitsap Sun.

by Jery Yemek

Reflection By Candlelight by Jery Yemek

I love the repetition of the candles and how they fade away into just a blurry points of light in the background.

by Robby Vandenhole

by Robby Vandenhole

The reflection in this image is subtle but helps make the image much more interesting than just a shot of two flowers resting on a surface. I like the composition and the overall colors of this image.

"Cosmic View" by Deena Alley

“Cosmic View” by Deena Alley

There were a few entries with the Space Needle as the main subject and this one was favorite. I like the layers of trees and how the reflective surface is creating a kind of underwater or cosmic look to the scene.

"Ebey Landing Lagoon" by Steven R. Fisher

“Ebey Landing Lagoon” by Steven R. Fisher

This is a lovely shot with beautiful color throughout. Images of sunsets with water in the foreground are almost always dynamic images because of the ability to capture those sunset hues reflected in the water. It’s like two sunsets for the price of one.


“Gray Tide” by Jerry Mercogliano

I love the varying heights of the pilings and how the reflections of them are broken up by the ripples of waves. The composition is lovely, as is the grey “Northwest” hue of the entire scene.


“Nice View” by Ruth Elisabeth Bryant

The reflection in the sunglasses is subtle but also very important to this photo since it lets the viewer see what the subject is looking at. This frame also has a great tonal quality and is just a beautiful portrait shot.