FRAMES: 2014 West Sound Guide Cover

It’s that time of year again, that time where I scroll through all of Larry and I’s images for the year and try to find the perfect photo for this year’s West Sound Guide.

Managing editor David Nelson and I narrowed it down to 14 images, and our Kitsap Sun co-workers are picking their favorites this week, but I want to know what you think as well. So I’m posting the 14 finalists below and if you feel so inclined you can vote in the handy little poll at the end and you can choose 2 of your favorites (if you are indecisive like I am and need the second favorite). It should be noted that the final cover, regardless of voting in the newsroom or via this blog will be chosen by the editor but helping narrow the choices down is a big help.


But first, to get you in the right mind-set, here is a photo gallery of West Sound Guide covers dating back to 1993 (click on the image to advance the slideshow or just let it click on through by itself).


Here are the 2014 cover choices (in no particular order and again, click the image to advance the slideshow):


Vote here! You can choose up to 2 images (because I’m very indecisive and feel like you should always be able to choose more than one option when it comes to photos)

Which Image should grace the cover of the 2014 West Sound Guide?

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