FRAMES: Photo Challenge #73: Still Life

I was inspired by Connie Bickerton’s lovely photo of the trio of fish that she entered for the previous challenge, so I have decided that Still Life is photo challenge #73.

A Still Life is defined as: A representation of inanimate objects, such as flowers or fruit, in painting or photography.

When most people think of Still Life, they think of a bowl of fruit on a table. Well sure, you can photograph a bowl of fruit on a table but your still life can be of any inanimate subject matter that you wish. Creativity and “out of the box” thinking is as always encouraged for this and all photo challenges.

As with all photography, the three key things to remember are of course, composition, light and subject matter.

Deadline for this challenge will be February 1st. and “stand-outs” will be published in the Kitsap Sun.

You may email your entries to me:, or use the handy Upload Photo Challenge Pix link on the right side of this page. Please remember to include your name if you use the handy uploader and choose the “Kitsap Frames Photo Challenge” channel so I can find your images.



“Evening Catch At Point No Point” by Connie Bickerton

“Red, White and Blueberries” by Meegan M. Reid

One thought on “FRAMES: Photo Challenge #73: Still Life

  1. Yahoo!

    I have new motivation for the year!
    Goal: Better photo’s (actually try to figure out this whole lighting thing); less photo’s saved (hahhaha); more time thinking while shooting vs. lots of thinking before the shoot and less implementing while shooting.

    Wish me luck!
    Happy New Year Meegan and talented Kitsap Frames participants!

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