FRAMES: Photo Challenge #72: Your Favorite Photo of 2013: STAND-OUTS

Choosing one’s favorite photo out of a whole years worth of images can be a very tough process not only because of the number of images shot but also because photography is a very emotional medium, and photographers tend to get very attached to certain images that they have captured.

An image might not be technically fabulous, the light could be way off and maybe the focus slipped a little bit but the sheer amount of energy one put into getting the shot or the memories of that moment captured in the frame can raise the photo up into one’s “favorite” category.

Reader Lea Bessler summed up the process the best, “While these are not my “best quality” shots of 2013, they are some of my favorites because of the memories behind them.”

Since I don’t have any emotional attachment to any of the images, nor do I know the back story of how they were captured, I of course am choosing these based on my own photography preferences and what I see before me. A lot of great images were entered and as usual it was nice to see such a wide variety of subjects and shooting styles. Remember, there are no winners or losers, I just pick a few photos and ramble on about why I like them and why they “stand-out” above the others to me.

Below are my favorites, of your favorites of 2013. These will be published in the Sunday, January 11, 2014 edition of the Kitsap Sun.


"Manchester Lightning" by Noelle Morris

“Manchester Lightning” by Noelle Morris

Photographing lightning is tough and this shot of Noelle’s is just lovely. I especially like the vibrant colors of the sky as well as what looks like the sheets of rain moving across the water.


“Evening Catch At Point No Point” by Connie Bickerton

This is a gorgeous still life. The composition is great and the colors and textures of the fish are just wonderfully captured.


“Fly By Night” by Bryan Flynn

We are big fans of photos of people silhouetted against the setting sun here at the Kitsap Sun photo department and this is a shot Larry Steagall (our resident sunset/silhouette shooter) would be proud to capture. Bryan snapped this moment at Long Beach, WA. and he captured this kite flyer with beautiful light and a nice composition.

"Anna's On Guard" by Nick Murphy

“Anna’s On Guard” by Nick Murphy

The detail of this hummingbird and the plant that it is sitting on is spectacular.

"Contemplation" by Deena Alley

“Contemplation” by Deena Alley

I love how the different patterns and vibrant colors of this image fill the whole frame.


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