FRAMES: Photo Challenge #72: Your Favorite Photo of 2013: ROUND 1

So how are those best of 2013 photos coming?

Over on our end, Larry has yet to even begin to narrow his years worth of published photos, and as for me I have narrowed it down from 3184 images (that is how many  shots exist in my “Published” folder this year thus far) to 38. And to be honest I am having a heck of a time getting rid of 8 photos…so much so I might have to revise and make our end of the year slideshows with 38 photos instead of 30.

This is the contact sheet I just keep staring at and moving photos around thinking that if they are in a different order I will like one less and drag it to the trash (that theory got me down from 50-38 so it has to still work):

Screen shot 2013-12-16 at 10.18.16 PM


But I digress.

So your challenge recap is HERE.

Please remember, only show me 5 photos max, don’t send me 38 images! I know it’s hard to edit a whole year’s worth of photos down…trust me. I already have to edit my photo year down, and most likely will have to edit down Larry’s as well, so do me this tiny favor and edit down before you send them my way.

And also, of those 5 images all must have been shot in 2013   and none of them entered may have been chosen as a “stand-out” by me earlier this year.

Those of you uploading with the handy challenge uploader on the right side of this page, please remember to put your real life name somewhere (in the title or description etc) AND don’t forget to choose the “Kitsap Frames Photo Challenge” channel. I’m always scared of missing someone’s pic and am often just pulling random photos out of the “recently added” channel just in case they are challenge submissions.

Okay seriously enough of my rambling, here are some of the entries thus far:



“Mirror Finish” by Bill Walker


“New Surroundings” by Rutger



“Skokomish River” by austinjackhammer


“Kayaking” by austinjackhammer


“Memories” by austinjackhammer


“U.S. Turner Joy” by rutger


“Skokomish River Valley” by austinjackhammer


“Fly Fishing” by austinjackhammer


“December To Remember” by R.McInnes


“Crane Game” by rutger


“Kat’s Wedding” by Geoff Pentz


“School Daze” by R.McInnes


“Heron At Sunset” by Geoff Pentz


“Fall In Illahee” by mredmon


“‘Twas A Good Day” by R. McInnes


“Diamond Head From Waikiki” by Lon G. Howard


“Out My Backdoor, Mats Mats Bay” by Geoff Pentz


“Mount Baker Sunrise” by Geoff Pentz


“Goodbye Seattle” by rdwnggrl


“Summer Moment” by Mistey Neff


“Mini Minnie Mouse” by Mistey Neff


“Dosewallips River Waterfall” by Mistey Neff


“Lift Off With Lunch In Talons” by Jack C. Harpel


“Rolling” by R. McInnes


"New Year's Pups " by Emily Wilmot
“New Year’s Pups ” by Emily Wilmot
"Ranchero" by Emily Wilmot
“Ranchero” by Emily Wilmot
"Lake Crescent: July " by Emily Wilmot
“Lake Crescent: July ” by Emily Wilmot
"Hops" by Emily Wilmot
“Hops” by Emily Wilmot
"Morning in March" by Emily Wilmot
“Morning in March” by Emily Wilmot
"Eagle View" by Charles Parker
“Eagle View” by Charles Parker
"Seals" by Charles Parker
“Seals” by Charles Parker

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