FRAMES: Photo Challenge #71: Sunrise or Sunset: STAND-OUTS

Oh goodness, we most certainly have some grand sunset/sunrise photogs out there. Nice shooting shutterbugs! As always, I love the variety of scenes and shooting styles showcased and narrowing it down to just 6 was pretty tough.

But here are the 6 “Stand-Outs” that will be published in the Sunday, December 8, 2013 Life section of the Kitsap Sun:



“The Chairs” by Geoff Pentz

I think the subject matter (the lineup of varying sized lawn chairs) is cute. I also like the composition and how the shadows of all those lawn chairs reach to the edge of Geoff’s frame.


“Hood Canal Sunset” by LaDona Harman

This shot has absolutely stunning color! I also just love how the composition of the frame has the horizon right in the middle and the sky and reflection in perfect balance on each side.

Double Bluff Beach by David Stricklin

Double Bluff Beach by David Stricklin

There were very few entries with people in them, which is always a little disappointing because as a photojournalist I always think that photos with people in them are much stronger images than those without. Sure a sunset is pretty, but people out there enjoying the sunset really tells the story of that sunset and those are the shots that Larry and I are always after. I like this shot of David’s not only for that storytelling addition of the two silhouetted walkers but also because the overall varying purple hues are just lovely.

Morning Commute by Deena Alley

Morning Commute by Deena Alley

One of the challenges when shooting sunrises and sunsets is keeping all the clutter (power lines, buildings, too many trees, etc.) out of the frame. I really like the lack of that clutter in this frame and I feel that the three taller trees on the right create a really nice balance with the looming mountain peak to the left.

Come“Come Sail Away” by Steve ScholleMichigan is home to over 120 lighthouses, so being the native Michigander that I am, lighthouses hold a special place in my heart. This photo of Steve’s is just gorgeous and is composed and exposed perfectly. I also really like the small glimpse of the sun setting below the horizon just behind the corner of the building.

“Good Morning” by BethAnne Good
I really enjoy the varying hues of the layers (trees, skyline, mountains, clouds and sky) in this photo. It gives the shot a nice abstract quality.

Okay since there were so may entries, these are my Honorable Mention Stand-Outs. Unfortunately I only can print 6 in Sunday’s paper, but I’m giving these photos below a quick shout-out as well because they were all really well done as well and it was tough to weed them out of the top 6.


“Dude at Sunrise” by Geoff Pentz

"Sunset Canoe" by Lisa Bailey

“Sunset Canoe” by Lisa Bailey

“Rays On The Mist” by Sean Rust


"View From Point No Point" by John Haffner

“View From Point No Point” by John Haffner


“Sunset Drive” by Steve Scholle


“Misty Mountain Sunset” by t_mcgraw1

"Sunset from Caldart Ave in Poulsbo" by Emily Wilmot

“Sunset from Caldart Ave in Poulsbo” by Emily Wilmot

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