FRAMES: Photo Challenge #70: Scenes of Autumn STAND-OUTS

Of course the majority of entries for out Scenes of Autumn photo challenge were of colorful trees, however I was pleased to see a lot of photographer’s out there have been capturing scenes beyond the leaves, or capturing shots of fall foliage using some really nice photography techniques.

Remember, there are no winners or losers, I just pick a few photos and ramble on about why they stand-out to me for various reasons. These “stand-outs” will be published in Sunday, November 10th’s issue of the Kitsap Sun.

Out of 223 photos, here are the 6 “stand-outs”:

“Enjoying The View” by Steve Scholle

If you recall the our previous wildlife photo challenge, Steve had a gorgeous shot of a pair of moose. For this challenge he shared this lovely scene full of autumnal hues, however the key to making this frame great is that one small horse grazing. Without that horse, this would just be a picture of mountains and trees which is pretty and all but a photo seen so many times since everyone who drives past this vantage points most likely shoots the same photo from the window of their car. But Steve composed the shot with a lovely dark horse which proves the age old photography “Rule Of Horses”, which states, ” one horse can make a landscape photograph stand-out from all the rest”. (Okay that’s not really a “rule” per say, but I think it should be).


“Playing In The Woods” by Amanda Ruehle

I admit, I was surprised at how few entries there were of cute kids in costumes. I like this shot of Amanda’s not only because it is an adorable kid in a costume, but also because everything in the frame (from the costume, to the woodsy locale, and the nice placement of the sword and shield against the stump) fit perfectly together to make it a well composed portrait of an elf.

"Aurora Reflection" by Jake Dalzell

“Aurora Reflection” by Jake Dalzell

So Jake (who is a Kitsap native) has a “one-up” on almost all of us when it comes to capturing the Northern Lights since he lives in Alaska. However, getting a good photograph of them can be very difficult, even when those gorgeous lights are right outside your door quite frequently. This shot is just beautiful! The colors and movement of the aurora (in the sky and reflected in the water) are perfectly captured with a few pinpoints of stars visible here and there.


“Color Pallet” by Tom Ringold

Tom captured this beautiful painterly shot using motion blur to give the frame an abstract quality. It is one of those photos that even though everything is out of focus and blurry (on purpose) viewers know right away that it is a tree full of fall colors.


“Foggy Dew Makes A Beaded Web” by Mistey Neff

I like how the repetitive patterns of the dew drops and the web fill Mistey’s frame.


"Happy Halloween" by Kaitlyn Gervais

“Pumpkins” by Kaitlyn Gervais

I love this haphazard gathering of jack-o-lanterns all lit up and ready for Halloween. Capturing the two lens flares making it look as if a few of the “eyes” are twinkling is also a bonus kudos.