FRAMES: Photo Challenge #69: Wildlife: STAND-OUTS

My goodness we have got some stellar wildlife photographers reading this blog!! Seriously, nice job everyone,  it was so nice to see a variety of wildlife and a variety of photography styles. Remember, there are no winners or losers, I just pick a few and ramble on about why they stand-out to me and why I like them better than others. The following 6 images will be published in the October 13 th. edition of the Kitsap Sun as well as our quarterly Outdoor Guide which will be out next month. BUT I’m also going to include some Honorable Mention Stand-Outs at the end of the post and if there is room in the Outdoor Guide, we will try to include a few of those HM’s in there as well.

Okay without further ado, here are my top-picks for this challenge (and trust me, this was a tough one to narrow down to only 6)



“Autumn Rest” by Steve Scholle

This was my absolute favorite photo of the challenge. Not only is the subject matter spectacular, but Steve composed the shot perfectly and captured the moose moment in beautiful autumnal light. It is just an all around gorgeous photograph!

"Otter Hide and Seek" by Eli Owens

“Otter Hide and Seek” by Eli Owens

The center composition of this shot is great since the peeking otter’s colors and fur texture almost blend perfectly with the rocks he is hiding behind, and the viewer’s eye is drawn right to the nose and beedy little eyes. I’m a fan of photos that hide the main subject among the background and foreground and this shot fits that.



“Tonto And The Lone Ranger” by Chuck Russell

Even though the heron in the background is out of focus, his posture and obvious agitation with the eagle makes the image great.



“Seals At Liberty Bay” by John Greer

This shot has crisp details, a lovely color palette and a fabulous composition. The reflection of the pair in the water adds a great deal to the beauty of this image.



“Savoring The Moment” by Bill Abbott

This shot is adorable but more importantly it makes me chuckle and animals doing chuckle worthy things always deserve recognition. This was a great find by Bill, because I  would think  that it might be pretty rare to see marmots sitting so politely and chowing down on flowers, but I could be wrong, maybe marmots are always doing this and I’m just never paying attention.



“Early Visitor” by Tom McGraw

Oh these sneaky little bandits always make me smile. I like the corner composition of Tom’s image and how the limbs of the tree snake out of the frame as well as the gorgeous light filtering through the leaves.



These are my “back-up stand-outs” :


"Cruising By" by Deena Alley

“Cruising By” by Deena Alley


“Trail Boss” by Steve Scholle


"Glacier National Park Mountain Goat" by Elizabeth Newman

“Glacier National Park Mountain Goat” by Elizabeth Newman


“Graceful Seagull On The Ferry” by Deanna Weaver
“Mom and Kids Afternoon Visit” by Jack C. Harpel


“Snowy Owl At Ocean Shores” by dgjourney

"Fawn-Mother" by Eli Owens

“Fawn and Mother” by Eli Owens

“Red Shafted Fllicker” by Jim Griffis