FRAMES: Photo Challenge #67: Photo Free-For-All: ROUND 2

My goodness I am getting some GREAT entries for this “Photo Free-For-All” Challenge! Love love love all the different subjects but also notice how many people love wildlife photography which makes me antsy to break out the wildlife photo challenge…but no, not yet, I will hold off until the end of summer for that one since it is always the most popular challenge.

Don’t forget to put your real life name somewhere, anywhere on your upload so if I choose you as a “stand-out” I can credit you correctly in the print edition. I mean, it will look pretty funny if you clip it out of the paper for your scrapbook and it says that it is “Cool Day Rainbow” by Kite_Flying_Cookies79.

Deadline for entries is AUGUST 5th. Recap of the Challenge is HERE.

So here are a few more of the entries I’ve gotten thus far:


“Felt Horned Thief” by Seabeck_Goombah


“Father Flicker Feeding Young” by Jim55


“Feeding Time” by Jack C. Harpel


“Adult and Fledgling Osprey At Nest” by Jack C. Harpel


“Zucchini Bee” by Sarah Runnels


“Thoughtful Kitty” by Stephanie Weir


“Ruffled Feathers” by Jack C. Harpel


“Overflowing” by Stephanie Weir


“Faded Purple” by Stephanie Weir

"Are You Looking At Me" by Jake Dalzell
“Are You Looking At Me” by Jake Dalzell
"Does This Fish Smell Funny?" by Jake Dalzell
“Does This Fish Smell Funny?” by Jake Dalzell
"Drive" by Jake Dalzell
“Drive” by Jake Dalzell
"Got Ranch" by Jake Dalzell
“Got Ranch” by Jake Dalzell
Horned Puffin" by Jake Dalzell
“Horned Puffin” by Jake Dalzell