FRAMES: Photo Challenge #66: A Bug’s Life: STAND-OUTS (Challenge Closed)

Nice work on the Bug challenge everyone!! It was so nice to see a variety of bugs and shooting styles depicted.

As usual, there are nor winners or losers, I just pick a few that stand-out to me and ramble on about them. These “stand-outs” will be published in the Life section of the Sunday, July 14th. print edition of the Kitsap Sun.

Here are my choices:


" A Climb To The Top" by Eli Owens

“Caterpillar Pillar” by Eli Owens

The colors and composition of this photo are just gorgeous! Usually with photos of bugs, one only sees a tiny bit of the leaf or flower that the bug is on, but what makes this one stand-out above all the others is that you see almost the whole flower that the caterpillar is climbing up.


“Taking A Nap” by Jack C. Harpel

This is exactly how I like to see creepy bugs, belly up and unable to take their “attack” position as they start crawling towards me. Now in case there are some bug activists out there getting ready to send me angry emails over this poor June bug, I have met Jack quite a few times and I am certain that this little fella was not harmed in the capturing of this photo.

"Fly in Disguise" by Eli Owens

“Fly in Disguise” by Eli Owens

I usually to only showcase one frame per photographer, but Eli had two images that were just hands-down perfectly captured in every way, that I had to pick both of them. The detail of this beautiful little fly shot is just stellar.



“Picnic Beetle” by Misty Neff

What a grand subject, a beetle with babies on her back. I have to admit, I have never seen such a thing so kudos to Mistey for spotting it and for capturing a great frame of it.


“Hello There” by Stephanie Weir

The soft colors and the abstractness of the bloom with the leaves in the background give this photo a lovely painterly feel.

“I See You” by Steve Swanson

I like how the subject looks like its smiling, even its eyes look happy. Which makes me think that the photographer was taking a portrait of it and was all like, “Say Cheese” and well it did. Besides the apparent happiness captured, this shot has wonderful detail.

3 thoughts on “FRAMES: Photo Challenge #66: A Bug’s Life: STAND-OUTS (Challenge Closed)

  1. Love them all!

    The funny thing about “I see you” to me is that not only does the subject look happy, it’s cute and endearing, almost like a puppy!

  2. Hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but the “picnic beetle” is actually a beetle covered with mites (parasites).
    “Baby beetles” are wormlike grubs that bear no resemblance to adults.

    1. Thanks Greg- I’ll let the photog of that image know and run a correction in tomorrow’s paper.

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