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FRAMES: Photo Challenge #66: A Bug’s Life: ROUND 3

June 28th, 2013 by Meegan Reid

It’s going to be mighty nice weather these next few days, so I’m thinking just like us humans, those bugs are going to be out in full force soaking up the sun right along side of us at the beach… and luckily there is still time to enter your best bug photo: Deadline is still July 1st. so get snapping in between those applications of sunscreen!

Don’t forget to put your name somewhere on the upload if you use the handy uploader on the right of this page and you can always email me ( your entries if the uploader seems finicky or just too much of a pain to use.

A recap of the challenge is HERE!

Here are a few more entries I’ve gotten:


“Taking A Nap” by Jack C. Harpel


“Dragon” by redrhondahonda


“Multi-Family Bug-Ville” by Mistey Neff


“Here’s Looking At You” by Jack C. Harpel


“Rosey Spider Collecting Its Web” by Mistey Neff


“Rosey Spider” by Mistey Neff


“Yellow Lady Bug In A Bed Of Roses” by Mistey Neff


“Cinnabar Moth” by Theresa Borne


“Basking In The Sun” by Theresa Borne


“Busy Bee” by Jeff Taylor

"Lady Bug Larvae" by Hayley Rowan

“Lady Bug Larvae” by Hayley Rowan

"Lady Bug Larvae" by Hayley Rowan

“Lady Bug Larvae” by Hayley Rowan

"Lady Bug Larvae" by Hayley Rowan

“Lady Bug Larvae” by Hayley Rowan




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