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FRAMES: Photo Challenge #66: A Bug’s Life: ROUND 2

June 20th, 2013 by Meegan Reid

Holy katoots are we getting some excellent shots for this challenge!

There is still time to enter: Deadline is still July 1st. so grab that camera and maybe even that macro lens and get outside (or heck maybe you have a creepy spider inside your house that is just begging to be photographed before you smoosh him…er I mean before you release him gently outside…I mean I would never smoosh a spider…suck them up in a vacuum cleaner…possibly quite often. ;) )

Don’t forget your name somewhere on the upload if you use the handy uploader on the right of this page and you can always email me ( your entries if the uploader seems finicky or just too much of a pain to use.

A recap of the challenge is HERE!

Here are a few more of the entries that have filtered in:

"Fly in Disguise" by Eli Owens

“Fly in Disguise” by Eli Owens

“Flying Bug” by Jack C. Harpel


“Spider On Daisy” by Mistey Neff


“Leaf Muncher Up-Close And Personal” by Jack C. Harpel

"Precariously Poised to Feed" by Eli Owens

“Precariously Poised to Feed” by Eli Owens


“Pollen Gatherer” by Jack C. Harpel

" A Climb To The Top" by Eli Owens

“Caterpillar Pillar” by Eli Owens


“Ant” by Mistey Neff


“Beetle On A Daisy” by Mistey Neff





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One Response to “FRAMES: Photo Challenge #66: A Bug’s Life: ROUND 2”

  1. Lea Says:

    May I just say, I LOVE “Caterpillar Pillar” by Eli Owens

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