FRAMES: Photo Challenge #64: Spring Has Sprung: ROUND 1

Alright so how are those “Spring Has Sprung” photo challenge entries coming along?

A question was asked about the usage rights for these challenges…in laymen terms, someone wanted to know if we we would be stealing the photos and using them all willy nilly like on billboards and calendars etc.

The answer is no, The Kitsap Sun will not take the photo you enter and use it for advertising or sell reprints of the photo etc. The only time your photo will be used is: 1) posted here on the blog as an entry and 2) published in the paper if it is chosen as a “stand-out”. So call off the lawyers, and take the watermark off of your photos because I promise the Sun and I are not out to steal your photos.

Deadline is May 6th and my goodness the weather is going to be AMAZING this weekend so I’m expecting tons of entries by the time I arrive to the office Monday morning. 🙂

So here are a few of the entries we’ve received thus far, and remember NAMES PEOPLE, I NEED AN ACTUAL REAL NAME ON THE PHOTO UPLOAD OR IN THE EMAIL YOU SEND and don’t be afraid to think “outside of the box” and show me some creativity in your interpretation of this theme:

“Coastal Spring” by Lea Bessler

“Spring Has Sprung” by yolo_pancakemix

“Spring Blossoms on Wilbert” by Patty Marz

“Spotted Towhee” by Jim55

“Boioioing!” by Lea Bessler

“Spring Blossoms” by Patty Marz

“Spring Rainbow” by Connie Bickerton

“Full Moon” by Jim55

“Flowering Red Currant” by Connie Bickerton

“Predator” by Terry Cooper

“Spring Calves” by Jack C. Harpel

“Spring Flower on Wilbert Ave.” by Patty Marz

“Spring Colors” by Jim55

“Spring Has Sprung Shadow” by Steven Gardner (SUN STAFF)

“Spring Has Sprung Flower” by Steven Gardner (SUN STAFF)

“First Tulip” by Jack C. Harpel

“New Life” by Terry Cooper

“Spring Calf Stretching After A Nap” by Jack C. Harpel

“Discovering The World” by rustandrea

“Taking A Peek” by Lea Bessler

“Barnacle Lawn” by Lea Bessler\

“Brothers Mts. And Spring Blossoms” by Patty Marz

“A Young Frond Unrolling” by Megan Henry

“Spring Seeds” by Terry Cooper

“Dew Drops” by Terry Cooper

“King Of The Perch” by Jim55

“Olympic Mountains” by Selah Kay

"Harborside Fountain Park" by Kitsap Portraits

“Harborside Fountain Park” by Kitsap Portraits




“Spring At Seabeck Marina” by Lisa Thompson















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  1. I just have to say;
    I love “A Young Frond Unrolling” by Megan Henry

    It just made me say “Oooh”

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