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FRAMES: Photo Challenge #61: Umbrellas: CHALLENGE CLOSED

February 5th, 2013 by Meegan Reid

Nice work on the umbrella shots everyone!

I admit I was kind of freaking out there for awhile since it didn’t really rain this past month, but phew you all did wonderful even with the lack of rain.

Anyway, here are the last of the entries and I’ll choose my “stand-outs” which will be posted here on Wednesday.

“Red On A Grey Day” by J. Yeaman

“Paper Parasol” by Theresa Borne

“Speedy’s Shade Umbrella” by poohbear

“Under The Umbrella” by Mike Cooper

“Runoff” by Hayden Johnson

“Just Jumping Around” by Anna Flood

“Green Dog” by Aaron Shouldis

“Rainy Day by Grace Garguile

“Falling Water Droplet” by John Wrigth

“Colored Umbrella Group” by Zoe Wiltz

“Rainy Day” by Cody Arns

“Tanja At The Bus Stop” by Jack C. Harpel

“Umbrella In A Cherry Tree” by Jack C. Harpel

“Umbrella Tree” by Jack C. Harpel

“Christmas In Seattle” by pixella

IMG_20130202_080259 (1)[2]

“Big Wheel Blues” by Susan Curtis


“Cool Drinks On A Hot Day” by Dianne Lyle


“Umbrella View From Seattle Wheel” by Dianne Lyle

umbrilla3 001

“Untitled” by Annie Stevenson


Here’s my shot from last week:


A pedestrian swings their umbrella around as they walk along the Silverdale Waterfront dock on Tuesday. (MEEGAN M. REID / KITSAP SUN)


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