FRAMES: Photo Challenge #61: Umbrellas: ROUND-ONE

Oh my I hope that the rain returns just a few more days this next week or this Umbrella challenge  might be a total flop because of the lack of rain!

But never fear, you still have until February 4th. to show me your best image containing an umbrella. And yes, I will allow photos featuring umbrellas that have been shot prior to this challenge being posted since there has been such a lack of rain.

The challenge recap is HERE. And remember, “out of the box” thinking is highly encouraged, so gosh darn it, if it doesn’t rain then that isn’t really an excuse because you can get creative!

Here are a few entries we’ve received thus far:

“Road Side Umbrella” by Jack C. Harpel

“Spiro’s Red Umbrellas” by Karen Ebersole

“Walking Through The Tulips On A Rainy Day” by deekamp


“Six Cousins Take An Xmas Walk” by Don Hunt

The Hungry Visitor<br /><br /> submitted by Jerry Deardorff.


“The Hungry Visitor” by Jerry Deardorff.

umbrilla 003


“Untitled” by Annie Stevenson

umbrilla 005[1]

“Waiting for Summer” by Annie Stevenson

wishful thinking umbrella challenge



Here’s one that Larry shot this week:


A women walks past the eagle mural the the Fraternal Order of the Eagles on Washington and Sixth Street in Bremerton. (LARRY STEAGALL / KITSAP SUN)