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FRAMES: Photo Challenge #60: Your Favorite Photo of 2012: ROUND 2 (CHALLENGE CLOSED)

January 7th, 2013 by Meegan Reid

Apparently there was a whole lot of photo snapping going on last year…and let me tell you that fact just makes my heart smile!

Nice job everyone, and thanks for sharing your favorites. I’ll start my pondering and “stand-outs” will be posted tomorrow (Tuesday).

Here are the last of the Favorite Photo of 2012 entries:


“Flowers From Mt. Rainier” by Theresa Borne

Crosspoint Basketball by Terry Cooper

“Crosspoint Basketball” by Terry Cooper

Kitsap Rodeo by Terry Cooper

“Rodeo” by Terry Cooper


“Declan demonstrating proper cone technique”  by Steve Johnson



“Kuwait Mosque” by Steve Johnson


“Misty Stream” by Steve Johnson


“Party Time In The Desert” by Steve Johnson

New Years Eve Sunrise by Noelle Morris

“New Year’s Eve Sunrise” by Noelle Morris


“Youngest Old Time Fiddler” by Steve Johnson

“Blessings 2012″ by Sharon O’Hara

Jeremy Key


“Hansville Gateway To Where” by Jeremy Key

Jeremy Key

“Rally At The Ridge” by Jeremy Key

Jeremy Key

“Reflections” by Jeremy Key

Jeremy Key

“Thunderbird 2012 JBLM Air Expo” Jeremy Key

“Summer Ride” by Faith Winters

“Mates For Life” by Jack C. Harpel

“Tree” by Catherine Bennett

“Fruit Hammock On A Tall Ship” by Catherine Bennett

“Seagulls Near Dungeness Spit”  by Catherine Bennett

“Duck Near Lions Park” by Catherine Bennett



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