FRAMES: Photo Challenge #60: Your Favorite Photo of 2012: ROUND 1

Okay so I have a ton of entries thus far for the Your Favorite Photo of 2012 challenge.

BUT I feel like I need to re-state the rules and regulations.

1) Your name (REAL NAME) must be somewhere on the upload or email that your photo is attached to. If I can’t credit you properly than you will not get chosen as a “Stand-out” and will not get published in the paper.

2) You must have taken the photo in 2012. This is your favorite photo that YOU have taken in 2012. If you are in the photo, than you better have set that photo on a self timer.

3) You may only upload or email me 5 photos TOPS. If you uploaded or emailed me more, than I reserve the right to edit it down to five.

Deadline is still January 7th. so you still have time to take part in this challenge, and stand-outs will be published in the paper on January 13th.

Here are a few of the entries we’ve gotten so far…I’m stressing the FEW part since there are just too many to post so I am am weeding quite a few out of the post as I start to contemplate stand-outs:

“Three Snowy Owls” by Cameron Teller

“Spirit Bird For Jane” by Cameron Teller

“Rainier Tipsoo Lake View” by Cameron Teller

“Bear On A Fence” by Cameron Teller

“Elk And Ferry River” by Cameron Teller

“Bull Mosse In The Tetons” by Pete Atha

“Mormon Row Barn” by Pete Atha

“Just Hanging Around A Little Longer” by Jack C. Harpel

“Looking For A Parking Space”  by Jack C. Harpel

“Untitled” by Jana Kline

“Untitled” by Jana Kline

“Untitled” by Jana Kline

“Best of 2012” by Joey Helland

“Best of 2012” by Joey Helland

Best of 2012″ by Joey Helland

“Night Paint” by Faith Winters

“Serious About Paint” by Faith Winters

“Christmas Story” by Faith Winters

My FAVS of 2012 by Alyssa Wight

My FAVS of 2012 by Alyssa Wight

“Needy” by A_S_k

“Crabbing In Kitsap” by Wildcat Gardener

“Sunrays In Port Orchard” by BJS

“Cherry Picker” by Jack C. Harpel

“Winter Scene” by Theresa Borne


“Untitled” by Helen Owens


“Untitled” by Helen Owens

2012-07-27 17.54.00

“Untitled” by Leah Espersen

Dayna Garcia

“Untitled” by Dayna Garcia


“Untitled” by Donna Cosey


“Callie” by Murray Webb

Donna Cosey

 “Untitled” by Donna Cosey


by Shawnda Hoskins


by Annaliza Tolosa


“Eagle In Flight” by Noelle Morris


“Owl” by Noelle Morris


by Beth Brewster


by Beth Brewster


By Kathryn.simpson

photoss 2681

by Shawnda Hoskins


” Star Eagle” by Noelle Morris


“Whale Jump” by Noelle Morris


2 thoughts on “FRAMES: Photo Challenge #60: Your Favorite Photo of 2012: ROUND 1

  1. Wonderful entries!
    I especially like the dog by Shawnda Hoskins, not sure why, but it just stood out to me.

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