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FRAMES: Meegan’s Favorite Photos of 2012

December 31st, 2012 by Meegan Reid

Oh my, what a year 2012 has been!

I usually go through and total up all the images that we shot through the year…and then I get all scared that the shutters on our cameras are going to blow at any minute because of the obscene number of frames we click, so I didn’t total up ALL of our shots this year. Nor did I total up Larry’s published images since he no longer saves them in a conveniently labeled “PUBLISHED” folder in his archive anymore and I didn’t have time to search through every month to count his images.

But I did total up my published images (online and print) and I was at 3, 411 for the year…which I believe is right around what I’m usually at every year.

It was a grand year full of some really good photos and of course some really bad photos that I admit that I was embarrassed to have put my byline under. I do hope the good photos made up for those “stinker” photos though! And my goodness I’m hoping for an even photo-worthier next year!

Anyhow, here is a slideshow (click on the image to advance or let it run on its own) of my favorite shots of 2012:




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